Not in a 1000 years!

Ok about 6 months ago I had gone to a an old friends house. I had NOT seen him is 20 years. He moved out of state and I lost contact with him. He moved back with a NEW wife he met. He called me an said, before you come maybe we (him and I) should meet for coffee, So we did. We were there for about an hour taling about OLD TIMES....he showed me a pix of his wife and she was HOT! Over the years we pretty much hung out together. We known each otner about 30 year. So we pretty much did not have any secrets.
So he starts out by saying his wife is like no women he has ever been with. Then he said YOU! meaning me are the reason he came back. His wife wants to meet me! WHY ME???? Well I told her a lot about you and what all the crazy things we did. Then he take out his lap top and turns it on. He begins to say, this is going to blow your mind!!!!! They have been married for about 5 years, and it has only been thge last year all this came about. The he starts a video. He just said JUST WATCH and say nothing!...So I 1st see his wife (well I only assumed it was her, all I saw was the back of her head.) He is filming her....bedroom. Now it has a bed but it is a single bed. You can see she is holding his hand and seems to be in control. She keeps looking into the camera (Video camera). She sits on the bed and seems to be doing something with her hands. Then I see she is pulling his belt off, and I think unzipping his pants. He has to control the camera with both hands. The way she keep looking at the camera i get the feeling this is been filmed for my enteratainment. Then she starts sucking his cock.... THEN it goes BLACK...when it comes back on....he is no longer hold the camera...its on a tripod. And she is pretty much naked. I got HARD.... he said keep it in you pants.... he is also naked on the video....and then she starts to talk to him. Now it seems it is as if they are the only 2 and NOBODY else KNOWs what is about to happen. He get between her legs and start eating her pussy.....the he saids KEEP watching! She said to him, I have to take a pee, and starts to get off the bed....she said...."I have an IDEA!" what hurry I got to go SOON. He said I have always wanted to have a women pee on my cock!!! This is a perfect time. PLEASE HONEY do it for me. They stop the filming because he is now on the floor naked...and she is also naked. All i can see is her back...then she said....we need to turn for the camera can catch evefrything. So when it comes back on, now the camera in on the flloor pointing right at his cock. I mean it is UP close, and you can see her pussy lips...and then she said HERE IT COMES!!!! And the piss hit his cock and his belly as well...and she is spreading her lips....DAMM that is a LOT of piss....then she stopps and get up and SQUATS over his mouth...and pretty much his whole face. And the film ends. I am as hard and I have even been. Course all the time I was watching the film he was jerking off. So ther film was made JUST for me! He had told her about me and things we did years ago. We as teenagers use to sit and watch each other jack off. Over time we made a pack and talked about what it would be like getting a blow job. And he said "I will suck your cock if you suck mine.!" We talked for days if we went and did it ho would we do it. He ssaidYou suck my cock then I will suck your!! NO WAY...yeah soon as you get will back down on sucking me....we did work kit out....he had a basement in his house and there was a couch we could use. So we flipped a coin to see who was going rto be the bottom and top. I lost so I ened up on the bottom. We could not due the side by side...the floor was the couch was best. So we keep our pants on unzipp and I lay on my back and gthen he get over me on his knees...we count 1, 2, 3 and we both take our 2st cock in out mouths. And yes we gave each other blow jobs a months. I say 2 or 3 times a week. Once he had a girlfriend and he told her about us..and she wanted to watch..I said only with she is naked can she watch...That was over 40 years ago...I I have never sucked another cock other than his.... Now I want to find me a women who who pee in my mouth and on my cock..and vice versa... BTW we did NOT cum in each others mouth. When ready to cum we taped the other and stopp so not to cum into the other mouth...course If came 1st I have to suck him off till he came. But we did not lay back down...I one who came sat on the couch and pretty much fuck the guys mouth to get off. THE END. PS as you get older every now and then you wonder about those days. I have never had cum in my mouth...other than my wife and girlfriends.

Mar 9


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    • Sorry concerning the the time we suck each other cock..we both were around 11 or 12..... I did not have a decent load till I was 15.

    • What is the stigma about cum in your mouth? You got precum, you sucked the dick, why waste the good part? Best damn bet if I'm sucking your dick, you're gonna cum in my mouth! The story was all over the place and a little hard to follow at the end.

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