I want my wife to...

I quite frankly want some butt play from my wife. I already enjoy playing in her butt, however mine wants some attention too! I'm not asking her to eat out my butthole, though I sure would let her if she was willing! I want a finger, a small toy, a butt plug, and even one day a strap-on dildo that penetrates her vagina while she screws the hell out of me with it. I have fingered and toyed my ass during masturbation, so why not bring this into our sex life? How do you tell your wife that you want some anal play too!?

Mar 8

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    • I tried 'accidentally' slipping out of my wife's pussy and pushing against her anus, but she just squealed and said I was at the wrong hole. Maybe one day!

    • It's a tricky situation I never thought I would enjoy it its part of are sex life now. I brought up what her fantasies was and she said in control I asked her be specific she said fucking me with a strap on. I agreed and she surprised me one night coming to bed with a strap she had stop at a adult toy store it was small so went in easy. Let just say that was the tip of the iceberg. We have used different sizes and I live when she incontrol especially if she tell me put a pair of panties on before I come to bed. We are thr couple next door you never think into it.

    • I wanted anal and told my wife. I didn't say whether I wanted to give or receive. She said OK you first. I still left the give or receive open. My next blowjob gave me the answer. With all the slobber from the BJ, she wet her finger and started to rub my asshole. As I got closer to getting off, she got more aggressive. First a finger and a little in and out. Then two fingers rubbing, and then up my ass
      As I was about to cum, she pushed her middle finger as far as she could and rubbed the hell out of my prostate. I damn near blew her head off. She said I'd never cum like that before. I had to agree. Now we both get our asses worked over on a regular basis.

    • This is tricky. Depends on your wife and her personality. I had the same issue. Needed anal pleasure so bad but very reluctant to ask my wife. I always tried to please my wife sexually including anal pleasure, which she loved. But when she discovered a small anal toy I used she went nuts, calling me gay, perverted, sick, etc. Frankly thats exactly the reason I was being secretive, because I knew she would not understand. I very calmly and honestly explained why I liked it (prostate pleasure and big intense ejaculations) and that it has nothing to do with sexual orientation and that I’m not gay, but she would have nothing to do with it. We ended up divorced for a list of reasons, that was just a very small part of it. If your wife is insecure, suspicious by nature, has low self esteem, especially about sex, she won’t go for it and I don’t recommend trying. She’ll feel threatened. So just use toys privately. But if she’s a strong confident women who really loves you and wants you to be happy, then she will understand and help you out. Good luck.

    • I very much enjoy anal play but am in full agreement with you that you must have an understanding partner. Most women automatically put men and anal play in the, he must secretly be gay. Or they assume that they are now now they are the alpha female when in reality all they are is a bitch.

    • My wife confessed that before we married she had one older and very aggressive lover her taught her to lick butts. She said he would take a shower, then lay spread-eagled on the bed and pretty much order her to lick his butt.
      I asked, "did you do it?!"
      "Yes!....I got so HOT doing it to him!"
      "Because....it was SO naughty! Then he would do it to me! He really loved licking my little virgin 26 yr old butt hole! One time we were driving back from Columbus and I'd been playing with him while he fingered me up my skirt. Then he couldn't wait any longer. so he pulled off the highway and told me to get in the back seat. But, when I tried to climb over the seat - he pushed my dress up and started licking my butt like crazy....until I came!"
      A drunk buddy of mine, while watching my sexy blond wife dancing at a veteran's dance, in her crotch-cutter jeans buried nicely up her butt crack, asked: "does she ever let you lick that sweet butt?"
      As we both stared at her tight little ass, I said, "Larry - give her two glasses of champagne and she'll lick YOUR butt, too!"

    • And? Did she?

    • I suspected my wife might like butt licking....so one day I came out of the shower, walked up to where she was sitting on the couch, turned my back to her and dropped my towel, and said firmly, "Kathie - lick my butt!"
      OMG - I've never heard her make those kind of noises as she hungrily buried her face into my butt cheeks! She was grunting and growling and slurping.....and I'm pretty sure she had an orgasm w/o me ever touching her. It was an amazing revelation about my young sunday school teacher prim little wife!

    • I like getting butt fucked

    • My girl lightly brushes around my asshole with her fingers every time we have sex. It feels so good I want her to do more too. I’d give anything for her to rim me but that’s hard to ask. I’d definitely take a finger or even better a smallish dildo right up my ass while she jerked me off.

    • My wife plays with my ass all the time, I love it.

    • Man talk her about it she my like it my wife fuck me good best I have ever cums mothertruckinmike@gmail.com

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