What is the matter with me?

Lately I have been having a lot of wet dreams. At first I was glad to be able to jerk because , at age 46, and after a major surgery, I thought I would never again.
But then my joy turned dark. One night as I laid in bed trying to beat it, I could not get the deed done. My wife was sound asleep so I tried getting pervy with her, but nothing. I went to the den to watch internet porn, no help.
This happened a few nights in a row, but when my 17 year old daughter came home from the prom I got an instant hard on seeing her in her tight fitting dress. Her and make up were perfect. She looked like an angel.
That night I was able to jerked off at last, but to my Emma! As a matter of fact, lately I can only jerk to thoughts of my daughter and I. It’s sickening, I know. I’m so screwed up. I don’t dare tell my wife or daughter, I love them too much.
For now I just use my will power to stop these nasty thoughts, but I needed to confess to someone.

Mar 8

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    • It’s just fantasy dude. Don’t try to make it a reality, and you’re fine. Sounds like you’re daughter is a good jerk dream.

    • I used to get these in Basic Training in a room full of guys. I didn't knwo what to do so I ate as much as I could under my covers and let nature dry the rest. I luckily or unluckily never got caught. Lucky because of all the harassment I would've got. Unlucky because I would've sucked off every single boy in my flight if I could've. Been the dorm slut. That title went to another boy who flirted with our TI. TI called him a fag, I called him after graduation!

    • Do what any man would do, stick your hand in it, scoop it up and lick it until its gone.

    • It is not uncommon....just don't do anything!

    • Read father/daughter porn in literotica. get it out of your system - before you do anything really stupid!

    • What exact thoughts are these? Be explicit.

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