Feeling so Guilty

I’m 55 male and got divorced a few years ago. I’m bisexual and love pussy but have always had a strong desire for cock as well. I played with men while married and my wife never knew. We divorced for a variety of other reasons. Once divorced I was free to have sex with men without guilt, and did so with a vengeance. About six months ago I started seeing a woman and we have fallen in love. We have a great relationship and fantastic sex. It’s getting very serious and I care for her very much. I try very hard to suppress my homosexual needs but it seems impossible. I can for a while but eventually it always becomes a hunger I must satisfy. I hate cheating on her not to mention health risk to her. I want to stop having sex with men but don’t seem able to. What should I do?

Mar 4

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    • My wife says that I can have sex with other men if she can watch.

    • Lucky fucker!

    • You might as well face it you are bisexual and you should be honest with the woman you love because you are not going to stop having sex with men. I married my wife and we have had an open sexual relationship together even before we got married and it's worked out for us now for years. It will never work out sneaking around sucking cock and getting ass fucked by guys and having her find out on her own because she will hate you for it.

    • I appreciate all the advice. This one seems to resonate with me the most. Thanks

    • My wife is in to bi MMF. She loves watching me suck and fuck

    • Lucky you!

    • Nothing wrong with sucking cock behind the wife's back, I do it all the time

    • Even if you bring other men into your relationship with her - MMF(Bi) is no substitute for man on man fucking. The raw energy generated by gay sex is way above anything I have experienced with a woman. I have been married 3 times but can only truly let myself go with a man.

    • Before you fully commit, dude you gotta decide, tell her and see what happens or leave it alone and don't look back once you fullt commit. Maybe make ot her O'Dea to do a 3 some with a guy, then act surprised when she shoves his cock on your mouth. I make any kind of sex the wife and I do her idea. I may throw a hint but it's always her idea. Get what i'm saying. Good luck!

    • That is a great way to play it. Hint at what you want and slowly get her to that point until she suggests it and then it becomes her idea. Doing it this was will let her be in control and not feel threatened and she will be more likely get turned on by the idea and hopefully the reality of watching her husband be the cock sucker he knows he is.

    • This is is good idea and I might try it. She does like size and power that I can’t always give her. I want her to be fully and completely and deeply sexually satisfied so maybe she and I can each get some extracurricular cock.

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