Older Man's Pleasure

He was in his late 70s with occasional ED problem but a good kisser on mouth and pussy. Sitting between my widespread thighs he rubbed his limp cock-head across my sloppy wet pussy slit for some time. Then rose on to his knees and pushed his cock into my parted into my saliva-filled mouth and pumped his hips back and forth making me suck his ‘yet-to get fully hard’ cock! I hungrily sucked his thick cock meat!

He did encourage me – oh! Yah! You suck cock so well! I am going to let you suck every day and every night! Take more of my cock into your mouth and make it hard … ‘I will suck your tits and pussy in return’!! His words and the sucking and slurping sounds excited me as well as the feel and taste of his gigantic cock sliding back and forth in my sloppy wet mouth! I wanted him to shoot his cock juice into my cock- starved mouth, while he massaged hard my tits and tugged on my nips.

His cock rose to the occasion as I went on with his cock and I sucked! I slurped, moaned, groaned, and best of all I whimpered! He loved it when I whimpered because this made him realize how much I loved sucking his thick cock! His cock reached some rigidity and he shoved it into my mouth further, and I pumped my head in unison taking most of his cock into my saliva-filled wet mouth! The sucking and slurping excited us both and his cock turned into some hardness that throbbed as if ready to pour loads of his cum. I stopped for a few minutes to make sure his semen and my saliva were mixed when I let it spill down his rock hard cock shaft onto his balls! I whimpered as he ejected his warm semen and I sucked his cock to completion!
I was not yet finished. We took some rest with my hand on his limp cock while he stroked my naked body and tits with occasional kisses on my mouth and neck and boobs. This made me cried out for “More cock,” “I needed more fat cock! Please!” I continued to plead that I needed to suck his thick cock again! I almost begged - please, I would suck you until you are hard! I turn myself around and offered my pussy to his mouth and in return, his cock dangling over my mouth. We were now in 69-position. I command him to eat my juice-flowing pussy as I drew his hardening cock to my mouth. Oh yes! he plunged his warm, sloppy mouth down to my pussy separating the engorged lips. And I took the knob of his cock into my mouth – rolled it into my mouth and tonguing it in erotic ways, his cock now regained some hardness and he moaned as I sucked!

He was a good pussy-sucker and I was on the verge of cumming but somehow held back! I slurped and sucked his cock in hungry desire! His cock swelled much larger and harder and began to jerk in my mouth! His cum fired into my mouth and I unleashed my own orgasmic convulsions all over my body almost at the same time. I came and came as I sucked his cock! Second time has been always better for me! He shot load after load of cum down to my throat! I have never experienced this degree of pleasure before! OMG! I loved it ….

Feb 25


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    • Sometimes the only way I get hard is eating pussy. Especially in a 69.
      Want to talk email me

    • Nice story😍

    • Great description of fucking and sucking a semi-hard dick.

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