The secret is what makes it special

I see a lot of cuckhold stories on here, but how many women have had sex with someone then went home to their husband and had sex with him, but he didn’t know that you had sex.
I’ve done this several time and find it highly erotic and very naughty. I know that my husband loves me but he just isn’t the best lover. When I get this attachment with a man and there is some chemical attraction, and he chases after me. Then we end up spending hours of lovemaking.
When I get home I feel a bit guilty and have sex with him and then start thinking how his cock is in where my lovers was just hours before that their sperm is inside my pussy fighting to get at an egg. I’ll have an orgasm and he goes off thinking he is some kind of stud.

Feb 17


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    • My husband and I got in huge fight one night and I left to drive around. Ended up stopping for a drink near by and ended up getting PLOWED in the parking lot. He came inside me twice. I thought my husband was asleep but he started with the apologies and wanting making up sex. I was still mad as hell though and when he went down on me I grabbed his head started grinding my cum filled pussy on his face. I came so hard! The second I finished I pulled him up and threw my legs around his waist and we were kissing and fucking. I was thinking he had just tasted more of the bar guys cum than i did and he was balls deep in two loads of it too. I came so hard it was addictive. About 6 months later a guy that worked with him, who I always thought was sexy, was flirting with all night and I gave him my number. We fucked at their work during business hours before I left to lunch with my husband. I realized the thrill was ten fold when it was someone he knew. Since then he's stuck his dick in cum from other coworkers, his best friend, one his own brother's and even one of his nephews. Whoever is gonna reply and call me a whore...go ahead... 1) it just makes me even hornier...2) He's at least a 7 on the asshole scale so don't feel TOO sorry him. It's my way of getting even while getting off and probably the reason we're still married. I would love to have a 3some with his brother and nephew at the same time. I'm a good wife in every other way. As far as HE knows I'm a good wife in every way. I just really get off on getting fucked by guys he interacts with and trusts and it definitely makes the family get together more fun when there's a hand rubbing my pussy and it's not his. I'd fuck his dad if I ever had the chance.

    • That's a good little slut lol
      How many have you taken at once?

    • I caught my wife fucking another man. After he left the wife said she was sorry. She tried to kiss me and I turned my cheek. Then she unzipped my pants and went down on me. When I was ready to cum I turned her over and fucked her ass. That was the first time she ever let me fuck her in the ass. The next weekend she fucked this guy from her work Friday night came home told me about it. She got me hard as a rock. She fucked me. Saturday morning she met up with a guy she was dating and fucked him. She came home briefly. She jumped in the shower. Then she met another guy from the internet. Came home and fucked me again...That was what she called the longest gang bang ever. Four different men in about 30 hours. I though that was hot and now I always get included in her plans.

    • Only 4 in 30 hours??? Lol

    • I used to fuck an older colegue of mine.
      10 years older, highly appreciated professional in her field.
      I would fuck her on her desk in her office just before she went home to her husband.
      She would beg me to fuck her.
      Her daughter used to work in the office, and many time when I came "for a meeting" she would send her home early.
      I bet the daughter sensed something because of the looks she gave me.
      It was so fun...

    • These are the hottest confessions!

    • Agreed!

    • My experience was when my husband's friend and his wife stayed with us when they were on vacation and ended up wanting to buy a vacation home near ours so they would stay the weekend and look for properties. We were all in our early thirties and of course in our prime sexually. So we all got along good and sometimes would end up drinking in the evenings. His friend started to make complaints on how I looked and he was flirting with me more and more each time they came. I was enjoying the attention a bit to much. My husband started to notice after a couple of weeks and asked me if I was attracted to him? I denied it and he didn't believe me. But the presence of another man put my husband's sex drive in overdrive. So about the third time they stayed my husband and his friends wife went to town to get drinks and ice and left the two of us alone. He started making passes at me as they were backing out the driveway. I was trying not to give in but I had been thinking about him for weeks and he knew it. We end up in a huge makeout session our tongues exploring each other. I then feel his hands all over me and he unbuttoned my shirt and has his hands inside my bra. I can feel he is hard as he holds me tight to him. He is driving me crazy and then I feel his hand unzipping my pants and his hand is inside my pants. He fingers me to an orgasim. He then starts to undress me but I tell him I can't sleep with him because we are both married. I get saved by the sound of the car door closing. That night I attacked my husband and we had the best time we had ever had it turned into three rounds. I could hear his friend and his wife getting it on later when I woke up. The next week my husband asked me to confess what I did. He promised that he would not be mad if I had slept with him. I finally told him what happened. I found out that this really turned on my husband.

    • Very sexy! Would love to experience something similar with my wife.

    • I'm an old dried up woman now. My husband passed away a few years ago.

      Long before DNA tests, I cheated on my husband a lot, especially when I was at my most fertile. I chose guys with hair and eye color like his, or close enough. I don't know how many of our kids are his, my first might be one of his brothers; we had fun about 3 hours before I walked down the aisle.

      I was good to my husband in every other way. I took care of him, the house, the children. I do not feel guilty about the other men. I'm sure he cheated when he went on business trips. He was a good man who took care of his family, and I was a great wife who stood by him even when he was wrong.

    • That's awesome! With sexy memories like that I doubt you're died up 🫠

    • So you are basically cheating on the man who loves you. Your pussy is full of another man's cum. Cuckold is different. All 3 are in on the act. Participating or watching. You are a slut

    • So? What's your point?

    • I started cheating on my husband on our honeymoon and he didn't know he was drinking and fell asleep on me so I went back to the club with out him being in Jamaica no one knew who I was. I hooked up with this black jamaican guy and he bought me to his room and he fucked me for hours and I let him cum inside of me. I went back to our hotel room and climbed into bed with my new husband and felt bad about what I did I started sucking his cock and he woke up and when he put his cock in my pussy he said how horny I was for him because I was so wet I played along with him and I have been having sex with other men ever since then and he never figured it out for over 10 years. When one of my friends finally told him what I was up to. At first he was upset with me but even now that he knows what I am doing he doesn't try to stop me and he won't leave me.

    • There is a lot of truth in this original post. I grew up a goody-goody so when I got opportunities to be bad without getting caught, I did. During my dating times my friends often stole or slept with each other's boyfriends so when I could I got back at them.

      When boyfriends caught wind, they'd sometimes try to get back at you by sleeping with your friends. If you actually weren't cheating on him but he believed the lies it made you want to cheat back to make things even. It was kind of a horrible cycle.

      On top of that, at my first real, professional job, most of the married women that worked with me were already cheating on their husbands, mostly with married men, and egging each other to cheat on our men. I remember the first guy I cheated on my husband with I didn't like and wasn't attracted to. I did it mostly to please all of my married coworkers that had been egging me on. They were SOO proud of me I felt proud of myself, until I got home and realized how stupid I was for caving in. It felt too late to put the Jeannie back in the bottle and I got to be as slutty as my coworkers.

      For me, it is the thrill of being chased and seduced that gets me to cave in and cheat. I love getting 'concurred.' I love it even more if no one ever finds out

    • Genie not Jeannie. Conquered no concurred.

    • My wife did this for years, when I found out about it I was a little upset knowing I had been eating other guys cum without knowing it. In hindsight it makes sense why sometimes she was so wet and why she tasted different. I ended up being okay with it and we agreed to having an open marriage. So sometimes I clean her and sometimes she cleans me. Works for us.

    • My fwb used to come over and fuck me then go home still full of my juices and fuck hubby. She said it was a turn on for both of them. She even videotaped it for me lol

    • The first time I realized she was fucking others is after she got home from being out with her friends she got into bed assuming I was asleep. I was awake and got on top of her, started kissing her and moving to her tits. I could smell cum on her tits. I also realized that she was very wet. After this incident, anytime she acted funny, I would go down on her to confirm. At first she would try to stop me-probably out of fear I would realize her pussyfoot was full on another man’s cum. For what ever reason it was a huge turn on causing us to fuck longer and harder. Eventually she would come home and climb on my face. After several months of her feeding me like this, one night she had me CIM inside her then she climbed up on my face. Initially I acted as though I didn’t want this but then she asked why I would do it with other guys cum inside her. I realized we both knew. After I ate my own load she talked about the different guys she had been with which caused me to get rock hard again, fuck her, and eat her again. We did this for about a year before separating. I found out she was fucking our daughters boy friend- over the top…

    • Your right. That night when my wife got into bed, she was naked and I just started by kissing her lips and neck. There was a little hesitation when I started kissing her tits. Her tits and legs are the thing that gets guys eyes on her. I briefly smelt something when I was kissing her nipples and squeezing those tits, but she just wanted to pull me backup, like she just wanted my cock. Normally I will guide my cock inside her pussy but she did all the guiding. It did feel different but the scent of her tits was still in my mind a little. It all didn’t sink in for several months. Then when it did I knew. I don’t think anyone could fuck her pussy without wrapping her tits around their cock. I never said anything when months would go by before she said she was going to hangout with her girlfriends. I would lay there waiting to see her figure climb into bed. It wasn’t like she wanted me to stay asleep, that was part of what she wanted when it happened. I was reclaiming those tots and her pussy. I should have been sure sooner, but still wouldn’t say anything

    • I like eating cum filled pussy

    • Me too, I do every time the wife and I have sex or if she gets fucked somewhere else. It's always good.

    • There are more of us that know than you think, but choose to not believe it. Especially if it’s not frequent but then things start to add up. It may start by thinking that my cock just doesn’t feel quite right inside my wife’s pussy. It’s slight. Then the next time, while I’m fucking her, I have the same thought, but now I know. I’m fucking her and it’s some other dudes cum that is making her pussy feel different. It was at that point while I’m fucking her, I actually had my cock get harder and thicker. I realize that I’m getting cry turned on by this thought. As I’m fucking my wife, I realize that she is responding like she hasn't for years. I finish fucking her and she seemed somewhat surprised. Kind of saying, “What’s gotten into you?” After that, every time I feel her it exciting.

    • Yes, I felt exactly the same as you did, and behaved the same way as you. I was more vigorous, a little deeper, hitting the spots, asserting some sexual dominance and (not) strangely enough my wife had a similar response as yours. She began fucking me back, she wanted a turn on top, grinding me for all she's worth. We smashed like there was no tomorrow.

      After we caught our breaths, I said "Wow, the stars really aligned for us tonight, we need to fuck like this more often." She said, "Yes, Baby, we do". So, this went on for a few months, and I was playing it cool.

      Maybe 6 months after the 1st time, she was later than usual getting home from her office. She dropped her keys, phone & purse and gave me a big hug & kiss. "Wanna go make some magic?" she asks; I replied "Did you see Phil tonight?" She pushed back in total shock. I said "Don't sweat it, I've known about it since the 1st time this ever happened." I grabbed her hand and upstairs we went.

    • I'm a guy who has been in the same place as your husband. Not being judgy, but I can help you answer the "Does he know?" question.

      Even if you normally get wet quickly, and he does some fingerplay, he probably knows. When he inserts himself into you, he knows because semen feels differently than your normal, natural lubrication.

      The confirmation that he knows will be evident if he is even a little bit more aggressive, deeper or more aggressive thrusting, and may even climax sooner. I guarantee he knows if he wants round 2.

      If you would like to know more, then reply back I don't know if this site is active or if your post is recent, but I can give you the reproductive biology behind this phenomenon.

      And yes, I knew the very first time it happened.

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