I really did it

I pulled my sisters panties out of the laundry basket

Feb 16

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    • What secretly everyone jerks off to is not just the unbelievably hot scent of someone’s well worn pussy and ass scent from someone they’re not fucking but the idea of being caught by person who then offers the real thing and you imagine going down on them and then moaning in ecstasy before begging you to ravage them and fill them with your jizz

    • I did this with my daughters panties all the time. I loved the taste and smell of her.

    • My guess is that more men smell panties than would admit to it. I love to sniff and enjoy the changes in scents as I very slowly trail from the front, down through the crotch,, and ending at the backside of women's soiled panties. Natural body odors can be powerful aphrodisiacs.

    • Well fuck me how great is that, WHY dickhead

    • I always sniffed and tasted my sisters panties growing up.

    • Annnndd?? Do tell, what happened next, were they clean or dirty?? Curious about you and sis, tell us about you and her, age,size, style of panties, anything else you care to share! I always enjoyed my big sisters panties, she would carelessly leave them around, bathroom, bedroom, laundry room, gym bag....... They were always flimsy,silky or satiny occasional cotton pair. Mmm, began snooping in her room found a bunch under and on the bedside, rolled off into a little silk ball. I unrolled and inhaled each one, just enjoying her sweetness!! Which led me to being caught by her!!!

    • Uh oh, you were caught by her? Doing the actual act of sniffing them in her room or?

    • I guess she noticed them unrolled and kinda collected up. Talked me into helping clean her room for a few bucks. Had me get started, said any clothes to toss in laundry basket. Found more pairs to enjoy and a couple pairs of pantyhose omg!! Yumm...

    • I finished and she thanked me, apologized for having to pick up her smelly panties and Sox, I foolishly said no problem they weren't that smelly,.. She said hmmm? They weren't huh? Which led to the conversation about me curious and enjoying them.

    • Nothing smells better than dirty panties and pussy

    • Yep. Been there, done that.
      The next bit is when the fun starts.....

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