Wife - who seduced whom?

Well, not really embarrassing...I mean it had been building for a couple of years. This thing between me and my husband's best friend.
It was inevitable I guess. (we certainly fantasized about it enough!)

His best friend told me he knew we'd do it one day...had known it for some time. Said it had to do with the increasingly flirtatious stuff I was doing around him. Yeah. But I was getting off on it too.
OK, I've worn low cut shirts and push-ups many times because I know he has a weird thing for my little B-cup breasts. Often sat in cut-offs that don't always cover the crotch of my panties when he's sitting across from me. Or fixed my bathing suit wedgies slowly when I know he's watching. He's gotten free nipple peeks at bed time when I bend to give him a friendly goodnight kiss when I'm turning in.
It has happened so often that he's even casually told my husbands buds that he's seen me in my bikini panties "so many" times. Mornings and evenings.
Kind of wish he hadn't. Now they try to get a little handsy with me when I dance with them at parties. There are two - well, no way I'll ever dance with them again! My husband just laughs.

I have gotten pretty casual about how I dress around him....well, not that I haven't noticed the effect that has on him, AND my husband!, when he sees me walking around another man braless, and in my little panties.

So, one night I'm taking turns dancing with this friend and my husband. We're drinking. I'm in friend's arms while he explains the movie Deep Throat to me. I'd never seen it.
"Oh my. Poor girl!" I say. So, now oral comes into the conversation. So, what do you think of BJs?
"I like it - but not if the jerk tries to gag me! BTW, before you ask - yeah, all you guys taste the same. Salty."
That was probably too much to share :-)

Conversation turns to hubbies BD present from me. An expensive pair of French bikini string panties.
More drinks.
I'm asked to describe the panties. Then..
Would I model them for the two guys? Husband has not yet seen me in them - if he had maybe he'd think twice about me wearing them in front of Mark!?!
"Well, ......I hesitate - I wouldn't want to upset Mark!?"
Mark says - he'll not be the least bit upset of I come out wearing them!
Husband says, "Don't wear one of my T-shirts with it!"
I know what he's after. So I put on a little cotton shirt that doesn't cover my belly button, and the panties. They are on full display.
I am nervous as a cat when I come down the stairs and walk toward these two guys. I don't know where to put my hands, or where to stand. How do girls do this on amateur wet-T-shirt night?!
"Well, it's only two guys, I say to myself. Because husband is leering at me NOT like a husband any longer!! just two guys who want to fuck me!"

I'm trying not to notice where they are staring. But I know. It's my crotch! (the lace front is pretty sheer and "my brunette triangle is probably visible!") On command, I turn slowly. ("Darn things are see-through back there!") I hear the intake of breaths, "dammmm! that is n i c e!"

Well, the panties are a hit!

They want me to dance for them. I'm too shy and I'm no stripper - So after a few minutes awkwardly doing a bit of bumping and, whatever! I yank up my husband and make him dance with me. Then Mark gets a turn. and another, and another, etc.! I'm dancing with another man in my little sheer panties, no bra, hard nipples poking my thin little shirt. With 2 men who are fully dressed.
The mood in this room is, "I'm going to get raped!"
"This is SO naughty!" and I'm getting turned on like crazy! I love the power I have over these 2 nuts, "if they don't rape me!?"
Mark's getting hard against my thigh as we dance. So are my nipples.
I leaned back and glanced down, "Am I doing that?"
He nods.
I look up into his face, wet my lips.."Do you want to kiss me?"
He nods.
I take his neck and pull his mouth into mine, and we tongue and taste each other kind of frantically!
After a time, I come up for air... "You've never touched me, Mark. Do you want to?"
"Yes! Where?"
I snuggle closer, and darned if I don't do that "nails into & across a guy's back thing to him - "anywhere you want Mark..."
He does. In time I'm wet and so are his fingers. My panties are sitting just below my butt cheeks and he has a handful of my bare bottom..as we
neck and fondle each other like a pair of desperate teenagers!
My husband is all but forgotten. I see over Mark's shoulder that he's touching himself ....fast and hard. Hubby and I have bed-room fantasized about this for 3 years. It is happening.
Only as much as I want, is our agreement.
I let Mark lead me to the couch. I whip my shirt off as he finishes with my panties. He's gotten naked, and we lay on the couch still going at it like teens. I whisper to him, "no fucking me! - OK? sorry"
He says it is fine - "I've wanted to do this with you for a long time!"
We neck, I have fingers in my front, and one back there at some point. I make sure he is well taken care of , my finger added in his rear brings him to a massive one! then twice as he rubs one out on my thigh..while my tongue is in his ear. I lose count of myself.
We cuddle afterwards. His hands gently kneading my ass, my nipples are sore from all his squeezing and sucking. My poor puss is a little swollen - "3 or 4 fingers in there!?"
My fingers are around him slowly stroking as he shrinks, one hand cupping and gently rolling his very loose and hot balls.
And we share that it is nice to finally have the release of 3 yrs of massive flirting.
"Maybe we can still be just 3 buds?"
He nods.
But he's smiling....
I know it is totally up to me where this goes. Or doesn't.
And that's nice.

Feb 14

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    • You should have fucked them both

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