Friend with benefits

I have a female friend she a bartender been close many years she got married and had a kid. Her husband hates me of course cause I'm a make and we text each other. Well I'm married anyways we should of hooked up long time ago but we didn't. Well I go to her work she fucked up need a ride home . Jumps in my truck and i can see her panties and crotch. As I am driving her home she telling me she loves me thinks her man might be cheating so on. We get to a light leans in kisses and grabs my half hard cock unzips and starts sucking it. She says not as big as his but will work 5 minutes and I fill I'm going to cum bam I start cumming she can't swallow all of it and spits some on me and seats . Looks up she got cum dripping from her mouth and nose. I pull to her apartment she wipes her face off and says don't ever say a word. Gets out says text me tomorrow. I call her next day and say how you feeling she says ok that her husband was pissed and even.more pissed I brought her home. I asked if she remembered the ride home she said no and ask why I said oh nothing. She said she loves me and always happy I get her home safe . Next time dropping a load in her fuck it

3 months ago

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    • I'm batting 500 with waitresses and barmaids that I way over tip. I get to know them on a personal level. It's then like a mini date every visit. I pretend the last thing I want to do is fuck them. 3 have been long term FWB and really got to know them, all 3 fucked other customers. It stand to reason, They meet a lot of guys there. Sorta like girls at the power company fucking guys at the power company.

    • She remembers perfectly and she's down for it again. She probably means it when she says she loves you. If I were you I would give her a child or three.

    • The hottest (Maria) girl from high school went to the same college as me. Once a month I'd drive the 75 miles home to reload. Maria bums a ride. I'm only too glad to take her, she's only 2 miles out of way. During the ride she inches closer and closer to me as the conversation gets chummy. This is the early 70s, no one wears seat belts. Nearing her house she tells me to pull over at the park we drive through, she's almost on my lap. She gives me kiss "thanks for the ride - I want to suck your dick" -- she pulls my shorts to my knees gives me an amazing blowjob. Over the next 4 years she gives me 50 -- many on campus. She loves sucking dick, And I'm a nice safe guy who appreciates them.

    • PS-- We get jobs 1,000 apart -- write a few letters -- lipstick imprint "thinking of you know what" -- never see her again.

    • You need English lessons

    • So wait you come on here to check people's grammar? Dude you need a life my spelling should be the least of your concerns.

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