Texting for spice

This is a little longer confession, but it happened recently.

After six years of being together, my girlfriend said our sex life had gotten a bit stale. We still have sex regularly and she still cums, but I could tell she could keep going. So she showed me this challenge on Tik Tok where a guy asked two girls to call each other's boyfriends to see if they would cheat. After a couple, she told me that a guy at work flirts with her. He's married, but I've met him and he's a good guy I thought and I didn't believe it.

She said she could prove it by texting him at the late hour it was. She just had to ask what he was doing. She told me he was going to get back to her and he did. Almost right away, he said he was at home and asked what she was up to. She told me she was going to tell him I was out with some friends from work and she was alone and bored. He asked if I go out alot and what she does when I'm gone.

She responded with a selfie of her sitting on the couch with a comical pouting face. He texted back if "he liked that dress she wore to work today. It's very springy." She sent a smile emoji back and asked to see it again, but her standing up. It's a baby blue sundress with little flowers above her knee that buttons on the front. She's 5'5", reddish hair, hazel eyes, 28 years-old, about 120 lbs., very fair skin. He's 6'2" it looks like, African American, 180 lbs if I had to guess, and in good shape. He's former military.

She sent him a full length pic. She told me she could get a dick pic without even asking and all she had to do was ask what he liked about it. He said it showed off her legs and little frame really well. There was some banter like "what are you doing looking at my legs?" and "Makes me wonder what else you're looking at." She used that same line about it's all good to look, but not touch since both of them had people. He suggested she wear shorter dresses and skirts if she didn't mind. He told her anything she wants to look at "can be easily arranged."

Almost immediately, he sent a pic of a hard dick in his pants. He wasn't naked, but it was still impressive and you could tell he was circumcised. I'm no slouch, but this guy was bigger. She smiled at me and said how easy it was for girls to get dick pics. "He's gonna' want some nudes, watch," she predicted. She sent a shocked emoji which he laughed at and said now she knew what he was working with, she had to show a little something.

She asked me if I was excited and if her seeing his cock was turning me on. She could feel I was getting hard and said she could keep going if I didn't mind. I told her I didn't want this to turn into him thinking they were going to fuck. She said it would all be just texting. She took off her bra and sent him a pic of her breasts which poked through the thin material of her dress. She wears a 34B and they're more round with a small pink nipple. He said he liked that and wanted more. "You first," she said and he sent the long awaited dick pic. It was straight and there was no doubt it was bigger than mine. I'm like 7 inches with average girth, but this guy was about 8-9 inches and it looked thick from the pic he sent.

She had genuine intrigue on her face as she smiled and I told her we were stopping this experiment. She got mad saying it was her body and as long as they weren't actually fucking, it was fine. She said at least I knew what she was doing. Her tone changed with me when she said to pull my dick out and if I wasn't hard, she would stop. She asked me if I thought a big black man with a bigger cock wanting to see his tiny white girlfriend's legs and tits was hot? I was getting harder. I'll always remember this from that night. She asked me why I thought guys always liked her in miniskirts and short dresses. The way she said "it's because they wanted to see my cute little panties you like so much" was so hot.

I was so turned on when she lifted the front of her dress up to her waist and looked at me as she sent him a pic of the pair of black, lace bikini panties that were basically see-through. She turned around and sent another of her ass. I was about to pop as she said he could probably see she was completely shaved.

She dared me to jerk off and said he could probably go longer than me anyway. He called via Facetime and texted if she wanted to see him bust to pick up. She did and reminded him to look and don't touch, but that he could take this one last thing with him. She hung up and told me to keep from cumming as she took off her dress like a t-shirt and send him a pic of her in just her panties. "See you Monday" she said for the rest of the night.

We had sex at least three times that night and we were both exhausted and ecstatic since that was the best sex we've ever had with both of us cumming multiple times.

The whole time she was saying how he had a whole day for him to fuck her at work and how she wanted him to see her tits. The raunchier she got about finally feeling a big man inside her, the harder I got and longer I lasted. I don't know what this means, about my kinks, but she said not to worry and that it was a fun experiment.

Thanks and sorry for going on long.

1 month ago

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