I Cheat On My Husband

I cheat on my husband and love it. I don't want to stop the sex with other men I meet is so much better, the thrill of cheating is what I love, the risk of getting caught.

I have now slept with more men being married than I did when I was single and I don't think I will stop, I just love cheating on him too much.

2 months ago

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    • Okay but doesn't your "husband" have a right to happiness? Here is a man who thinks he has a partner in life, someone to grow old with and someone in this world that he can trust, but it is all a lie. God cheaters are dumb as a bag of hammers, if they were up front they would retain all friendships, the love and respect of family members and that they would be able to look at themselves in the mirror (I'll bet you any amount of cash that you hate that mirror above your medicine cabinet when brushing your teeth or washing your hands ... and if not, give it a year or two)

    • It’s amazing how many married women fuck around! Show them a little attention and they’re yours.

    • That's the truth. My buddy's been fucking married wives for years said that they are all horny all you have to do is let them know how sexy they are and how big your dick is if you have a big one they are yours. Told him my wife is not like that he said you want to test it. I went out of town for a hunting trip came back and said did you test her and he said yes she's a keeper I thought he meant nothing happened showed me a picture with her mouth open and his dick in her mouth. Been fucking her for 3 years now with his big cock. At least it's a friend right.

    • How I met your mother.

    • I’ve had a fantasy of picking a guy to secretly seduce my wife.
      We would be at the hotel bar, and strike up a conversation with him. I would load her up on drinks while he flirts with her. He would give me his room key. I would make an excuse to run out for something or was super tired and would go to back to our room. But she should stay. I would hide in a closet or behind the curtains with a good view of the bed. If he did his job 30-40 minutes later my wife would come up to his room for a drink. With any luck he would slowly seduce her with long kisses and I would watch her pull his cock out and slide inside her.
      I would love to watch her take him, shutter and moan

    • My husband and I do that scenario often. However, we book two rooms. Instead of him hiding in a closet, which could be dangerous and awkward. We set up a camera and he will watch the real time feed from the second room.
      Just a little advice. Your scenario doesn't work out. No guy will go back to your room if he sees you with your wife and knows you are going back to your room?? A random guy won't go to your wife's room if he thinks you'll be there or might show up. He'll want her to go to his room and that's not what you are looking for.
      We got to the hotel restaurant separate. He sits alone & I sit at the bar. I'll wear a business skirt suit outfit with lace thigh highs and heels. I'm blessed with long tone legs so I have to problem getting attention quickly. I also proudly display my wedding and engagement ring set.
      1. I'm on travel and looking for a hookup
      2. Caught my husband cheating and staying here till I get my own place. I'm open to revenge hookup.
      3. On a girls vacation but everyone canceled at the last minute. I'm here alone and 'while away, the cat is willing to play.'
      4. My Tinder date was a no show. Now, I have a waisted room booked.

    • I've always struggled with my weight. Thanks to my parents genes I'm 4ft 8in and 34DD. All my life my weight has fluctuated.
      After having my first child, I joined a gym to get back into shape. After 6 months of intense cross fit, things were paying off in the mirror.
      An older guy at the gym started flirting and checking me out. He's 49 and I'm 25. After a week of heavy flirting, I ended up at his place and we had the best sex I'd had in years! The guy was pounding machine.
      We hook up often because my husband would rather game with his friends than have sex with me.
      It's easy, I tell him I'm going to the gym for a few hours. I work out at the gym for one hour with Nick. Afterward, we go to his place to hookup.
      Nick' divorced, had a vasectomy and Thank God he's not looking for a relationship.

    • Older guys are better in bed because they have learned how to please a woman.

    • I have been cheating on my husband for years now. I am pretty sure that he knows but he never says anything about it. We still have sex when he wants it and that's not enough to satisfy my needs. I enjoy being with different men when ever I want.

    • Keep doing what makes you and your mental health happy. Also, enjoy life while you are young. You will never regret it. My only advice is to insist on protection.
      After college, I married my high school sweetheart and the guy I lost my virginity to. I also got a job with a consulting firm and traveled 75% of the time. I'm not saying I was a 'knock out' but I maintained my figure because I was a student athlete and on the weekends I worked as a server at a sports bar. I knew how to fix my hair, make-up and flirt with guys for tips.
      I'd been with the company one month and was sent to Charleston, SC for training with my boss. At the time, I was 23 and he was 51 but very handsome, tall and fit. We were having drinks at the hotel bar one evening and he kept checking out my legs. Long story, we ended up back at his room having crazy protected sex all night. That opened the flood gates!
      I'm 48 now and over the years, had sex with most of my male co-workers plus countless random guys while on travel.
      It's much easier today with a hook-up app.
      Again, be careful and use protection. I have two teenage children and there's no question they are my husband's.
      I was very careful while not on bc and ovulating.

    • "you will never regret it" oh you must be a Swamp Donkey

    • Poor clueless hubby

    • My husband used to put me down mentally because I was over weight. Now I’m looking better than ever and he still treated me like garbage. So I gave my attention to whomever wanted it. Must of my male friends have had me, definitely all of my husbands friends have had me. Even some of my kids friends have slept with me. The sex is good sometimes great, but it’s the fact of knowing they had me and he doesn’t know.

    • I used to cheat on my small dicked hubby, now he's in bed with me while I'm getting railed. My sissy hubby looks so cute when he's licking me clean.

    • My wife cheated on me a few times. She tried to hide it but truth comes out eventually. So I decided why not so I'm at about 126 different women all but 2 bareback. Also had a kid with one my wife would be devastated if she knew I still would not leave me.

    • Sex with married women is the best!

    • I get it. I’ve cheated on my cold distant wife with 40 men. The worst sex with any one of them was better than the best sex she and I ever had.

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