Showtime for trucker

Last Tuesday afternoon my wife and I went for a ride on I 40. She wore a short black miniskirt, a light pink see thru blouse without panties or a bra!! She flashed her ass to several truckers and then we stopped at the Jamestown NM truck stop. It was still daylight as we slowly drove through the parked trucks. My wife leaned over the center console towards the back seat and put her right foot on the front of the console. This opened up her pussy and ass !! I found a trucker who was sitting in his truck with his windows rolled down. As I pulled up beside his passenger side I rolled down my wife’s window so he could get a good look at her wide spread legs! The trucker leaned over and watched as I began to finger bang her wet pussy. He was smiling and I was hard as a rock watching him almost slobbering with desire as he looked at her rocking her ass in rythom with my hand!! After several minutes we smiled at each other, he gave us the thumbs up and we drove away. I drove and found a more secluded place and proceeded to fill her cunt with my cock until we both came hard .!! What a night.. we are going to do this again in the next 2-3 days. It would be great to have another respectful trucker arranged to watch me pump her puss with a dildo. He could stand outside her window and jackoff if he kept quiet. Have a great day

1 month ago

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    • If any respectful trucker wants to see my wife’s naked ass .

    • My wife and I used to love to flash guys at gas stations, back in the good old days when they were service stations. She would sit with her legs wide open as they washed the window. That was great fun, watching their reactions. Some would pretend to not look while nearly rubbing a hole in the window.
      One place we went to, the guy got used to us coming in, he went to her side, reached in and fingered her while she sat there and let him.
      Another day she went into their back room, gave him a blow job. But then one day he was no longer working there, and the stations all went self serve, so we tried shoe stores, nude beaches (no fun there). Then finally we had some friends over and she would strip for them.

    • My prim little sunday school teacher wife admitted that she has done this while riding with a couple of guys. Always - after they asked her to give them head while they're driving. When they finish in her mouth she said she is always so turned on - she is easily encouraged to strip and flash truckers her wide open pink pussy!
      She said she did this with three different guys, more than once!
      Lucky truckers!

    • Back in the day between amarrillo tx and Barstow ca Id fuck a lot of travel center waitresses and managers in my sleeper. This one particular manager was and still is a big time freak, the things I’d do to her. Fuck yeah I did

    • You're story is hot and familiar. Early in our marriage, my wife and I were driving back from a week at the beach. Our sex drive had been high all week. We had fucked on the hotel balcony every night and while doing so I would make comments like " I bet there is a guy in the hotel across from us watching you fuck my hard cock." That would get her so hot and she would orgasm soon after. On the drive home she said she was horny and started rubbing my cock. After a few minutes, I told her to pull her pants down so I could help her out. She unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down below her knees and when I touched her she was already wet. She kicked her pants off, reclined the seat back, and put her feet on the dash so I could have better access. I put three fingers in her and she was began moaning and rubbing her tits. I asked her to show them to me and she pulled her shirt up and unclasped her bra. She looked so hot! She reached into our snack bag and pulled out a banana. I moved my hand as she slid the banana into herself. She then started fucking herself and I cold tell she was close to cumming. As I approached an 18 wheeler, I told her to cover up while I passed him. She didn't even acknowledge me so I pulled into the left lane to pass. I found I liked the idea that some stranger was about to see her in the state she was in. I slowed down as I passed and could see the trucker looking intently through his mirror. I kept pace with him as we aligned with his cab. I couldn't see his face at this point so I asked my wife if he was looking. She said yes and immediately had a mind-blowing orgasm. We pulled away and we both laughed. I said, "I didn't know you were an exhibitionist!" She said, "I didn't either!" That was 30 years ago and today she still likes to give the truckers a show when we drive somewhere of any distance. Good times!

    • Put that ass up, like moby dick the kid did to pokey

    • We were going down the interstate and my wife had both feet upon the dash fucking herself with a very big dildo, ever t
      y truck we passed blew there horns, my wife likes to tease people it makes her horny

    • Exit 155 now, waiting for six shooter

    • I wish we could be there to give you a hot and exciting show. It would be fun to know that you were watching as I work her pussy over!

    • Yes it is very hot and exciting. It is difficult to find a considerate willing person to watch!

    • Oh yes. Love getting fuck while someone watches. It’s so hot

    • Yes it is very exciting! It is difficult to find a considerate willing person to watch.

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