After a long time in trying, I finally talked my girlfriend into a threesome. She said it had to be someone that she could trust, so we selected my younger brother. My girlfriend is 5'1" tall and weighs 105 lbs. She's very-pretty and tight. My brother and I are over six feet tall and weigh 190 lbs.

It was a thrill to watch him work his cock inside her tight pussy, it took some time for him to work it in. When he finished, we blindfolded her and took turns fucking her. We played a game of "guess who's cock," she could never guess, but she enjoyed it as much as we did.

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    • Who wants to fuck my young black pretty wife in front of me? You have to talk dirty to me, to tell me how slut she is, to loose her tight pussy with your big cock. You can bring a friend if you want.

    • Where you from my friends and I would love some black pussy does she do anal

    • My wife had her first threesom with out me. She had gone out with some girl friends ended up getting drunk and she left with two guys from the club she was at..she told me that they fucked her all night long in every hole that she had she didn't come home until the next afternoon because when they woke up in the morning the two guys started fucking her again. That's how my wife became a slut after that night she was fucking other guys when ever she wanted.

    • Such a slut! Do you like when she is fucked like a whore by other men's big cock's?

    • Of course I do I love the sloppy seconds I get from her

    • I would like fuck your wife asshole and talk dirty to you! And she looking in your eyes when my fat cock in in she's tight asshole!

    • My wife picked the second in our threesome. He's a muscle bound guy from the gym who I didn't like but didn't know him by name. I was surprised by her selection, John, when he arrived... Not who I was expecting. That said, after her begging me to try some things and his dominant attitude, I am now his bottom. Be careful what you wish for.

      When he comes to a house party and excuses you(me) from a conversation to help him with something that just came up... A bathroom blow job later, you get to return to the party with what feels like swollen lips and worried about what the guests think... Its embarrassing. She loves that he's muscle bound and can toss her around playfully and doesn't want to find another person. I admit I love hearing her squeal and moan with desire when they fuck.

    • Your wife is a slut who like to suck fat cock's!

    • Your girlfriend is a little slut! She deserves my fat cock in her tight pussy!

    • I want to fuck your girlfriend in the mouth and slap her but, I want to spit her, I want your girlfriend to be my slut!
      Now I masturbate thinking at your slut girlfriend! She is so dirty, I bet she cheats on you, she like to be a slut!

    • Why do you masturbate when you can be making love to your significant other and fantasizing about her cheating on you like a dirty slut?

    • I would like to play this game with your girlfriend. Blindfolded her and we fuck her asshole and she have to guess who's dick's inside her tight ass!

    • It will be nice to be 5 guys and his girlfriend to be more difficult to guess!

    • It could happen, you never know what's possible. Do you have a girlfriend or wife that would like to join in this game?

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