Straight man first time

Ok i am a 33 yr old straight male but for the past year ive had an undeniable attraction to cocks. Not men just cock. I jerk to the thought of cocks all the time now. Men, trans anyone with a cock. I want to try one so bad but i dont kno how or where to go and it needs to be discreet. Ive posted on here numerous times and i just cant find any help. So im asking again. If there is any man or shemale out there that can come to the western maryland area that wants to empty their balls with no strings attached please resond and we will set something up. Im begging at this point. Im about to just start walking around asking every cock i see if i can have it. Friends are welcome too. Id love to take on several cocks at once. I just want to be someones sissy slut. I have no gag reflex as well so i will take your cock all the way down my throat with pleasure. And i have a virgin ass. I used a dildo once a while back but other than that ive never had anything in my ass. And for the record even though my ass is a virgin dont worry about me scared or not really gwtting to fuvk me because that dildo was 10 inches and thick and after i warmed up for a min i took every inch of it in my ass so if you have a big cock i can handle it daddy. I will let you put it all the way in and pump your load straight into my guts. Anyone interested PLEASE respond and talk to me and we can figure it out. My virgin ass is aching to be used and abused. Solo, duo. Gangbangs accepted. Like i said if u have friends the more the better

1 month ago


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    • Go out of town and slip into a gay bar. You will find a cock to suck.

    • Wow now that is so awesome and I'm excited about this story because it's a fantasy of mine and my first time I have wanted a cock in my mouth and ass. It is something that I have been thinking about trying for years now just don't know how to find a good place for me to sneak around to get fucked and sucked to make myself happy to taste cum in my mouth and feel how it is being pumped in my ass. If anyone could help me with this fantasy sex I am sure I will be able to make it happen.

    • Lets help each other

    • Nice to hear from another guy like myself that is so interested in the first time I am looking for. If you are interested in being my first that is making me feel better about this fantasy of mine. It is the most exciting thing I have ever been thinking about how I am going to like it. So help me out with this fantasy of mine and yeah never know what is going to happen.

    • Craigslist has a special website for sec classifieds. Thy there

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