DIL's Sexual History

When my son found out that his mother and I fucked many other people before we got together for the second time, he decided to ask the woman that he was dating to marry him. He had thought that since she had been fucked by six men before him that it was too many until he learned that his mother had been fuck by eight guys before I finally fucked her.
When he told me that he was going to ask her he also told me that she had six lovers before him. I told him that I didn't think that really was very many. I also told him that a woman that has been fucked a lot will be a better partner in bed and that will help the marriage stay strong. Also, she will not be curious about what other cocks would feel like and be less likely to fuck men after marriage.
In your experience, does a woman who has fucked a lot of men make a better wife than a woman with no or little experience?

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    • I had 36 men before meeting my husband when we were both 23. We got married at 24 and have just celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary.

      I lost my virginity at the age of 12 to my mothers BF. I’ve had all types and ages of men.

      My total body count is 40. I have had sex with 3 other men which was arranged by my hubby to celebrate our 25th. He arranged for 3 young BBCs to “fulfill my fantasy”.

      Little does Jim know that it was a normal occurrence before we met and he doesn’t know that the young men cum by every time he travels.

      My experience has made me a great lover and Jim has never been with anyone else as I still rock his world every time tanks to the lovers before him who taught me so much

    • I love a very sexually experienced woman.

    • That’s sweet. How old are you. You live in Texas?

    • Yes. My wife had a couple doz. men as lovers, after a late start at 26 - until marriage at 36.
      My wife is a very attractive 5'7", 130lb blue eyed woman with long blonde hair which she sets every day in soft curls - ala' Farrah Fawcett. (when she drags her long curls across my naked crotch - it is amazing!)
      Her lovers were mostly older, some young, some married, many her bosses, some separated. Some very wealthy. Some school teachers. Some her father's friends.
      Several asked to marry her, including a state congressman.
      She said she went down on each - and each then went down on her.....except one strange guy who told her to stop when she slid down in bed to put him in her mouth.
      She never had two at the same time (though she has fantasized about double-penetration since she was a teenager - when a the dad of a couple she was babysitting for explained it to her when giving her a ride home) - but did have two the same day.
      Her sisters both said she'd never make it as a wife because she had been a flirt her whole life. (she fucked boyfriends of both sisters when they came onto her - unbeknownst to the sisters)
      Actually - she has been a great wife for the past 22 years! She admitted coming too close to letting a guy bed her twice - but then stopped the situation - for many reasons, thinking that it would give me license to cheat on her. "Somehow, some way - you would have found out. It's not something a woman can hide for long... plus it would make me feel like trash when sitting down with our kids."
      She often shares her sexual past with me - in great detail at my request - she is amazed that "guys seem to get sooo turned on by this!"....but she enjoys the way I fuck her afterwards.

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