How many would like to try

I’m a married man that would like to try sucking and dick and let’s a man cum in my mouth and fuck my ass

1 month ago

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    • Nice to hear from another guy who is looking for a cock, I am so interested in this chat about what you and I are looking for. I've been watching a lot of porn movies with guys and I love when they pump cum in the dudes mouth and down his throat that makes me horny and want cum to be pumped down my throat and maybe in my ass for the first time. Just a fantasy of mine and a dream that I want to make happen. So if someone can help me out and tell me what to do or how to find what I am looking for.

    • Nice to hear from another guy like myself that is interested in cock for my first time so I really love to hear from you when you find a friend who is going to help you out. I have been thinking about trying a cock and cum in my mouth and maybe in my ass it's making me horny as I talk about it.

    • Can I suck your cock

    • My wife and I have an open marriage the only difference is that I am bisexual and I love sucking cock and getting ass fucked. So we both enjoy being with other men.

    • Give email address I’ll tell you where in live

    • Can help you where do you live?

    • Minnesota

    • My gf and I talk about this but she wants to see a guy, a twink suck my dick. I’m all for it. We had a waiter a couple of weeks back that was nice looking. When she went to the bathroom I told her I was going to see if he was interested. Not ask him to come home with us but test the waters. When we was away he came back and asked if we needed anything. I told him no then complimented him on his hair. He actually blushed. We chatted until my gf came back. She smiled at him and also commented on his “beautiful hair”. We fucked like crazy people that night.

    • Would like to be that person

    • Hmm yeah I'm here to talk about this story and I have been thinking about trying a cock for the past few years I've never been with a stranger with a big cock yet but it is what I am looking for and I know that it's going to make me want more than just sucking cock.

    • I am male and married. I suck cock all the time

    • Another married male that sucks cock . Where are you located?

    • Where are you located?

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