Get turned on by my wife’s past

Does anyone get turned on thinking about your wife’s sexual past.
I do, especially when she has been fucked 18 times before me.
Three guys had fucked her by the time she was 16.
In her early twenties, she had sex with two teenagers ( 16 and 17)
She had sex with both of them at the same time in her bed…. But it only happened the once!
Anyone else’s wife been fucked by boys before you met?
Or am I alone on this.
Do you think she was a bit slutty?

1 month ago


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    • Yes,me and her split up when we were 20 and got back together at 30,she was a total slut in those 10 years fucking all of my friends and even texting me one night saying two of my mates were fucking her together! I still married her though! And get her to tell me which one of my friends was the best fuck

    • I’ve never been the jealous type, so learning about her past lovers never bothered me. I know she had a drunken threesome with two guys when she was in high school. She began dry humping and giving HJs at 13 years old, giving BJs at 14, started having anal sex at 15 and preserved her virginity until she was 16. She’s had more guys have sex with her butt than her vagina, which we find hilarious. She bumped into an ex at a party recently, after he walked away I asked her if they had sex, she said “yes, we dated for maybe three months” I asked “did he fuck you in the ass?” She said “of course, I’m a good girlfriend”
      I love my little slut.

    • I love hearing about my wifes previous lovers. She was quite the whore back in the day.

    • I love to think about my wife fucking her ex boyfriend's big cocks, all of her boyfriend's had big cocks and I am a small penis husband, I tell her that I love to think about fucking guys at work and that she needs to be satisfied with a big cock, when she gets home I like to lick her pussy and ass and try and guess what she has been doing,, she laughs when I tell her I love the teast of her pussy when she comes home,

    • She a slut and i bet she fucks guys behind your back now and then you go down on her tasting others cum.

    • It would have been even better if she had been fucked by 13 and 14 yearold boys!

    • My enjoyment of my ex-wife's details of her past sexual experiences actually led her eventually cuckolding me. One day we were talking about sex and she mentioned her past and fucking bigger guys, especially her one boyfriend who had a huge cock. When I wanted to hear more details about it, she noticed how hard I got. Then she told me a lot about them hooking up, how he stretched her so much it hurt, etc. She said "somebody likes this" and literally touched my cock and I came in her hand. So this led to more pillow talk and then to her saying, I bet you would like to see me do it with a guy that has a big cock and I said no, but she was rock hard and she said your mouth is saying no but your cock is saying something else. She got to me to admit it (threatening to stop touching me), then asked me if I really wanted to try it but I couldn't be with another woman, she was too jealous. So I agreed to it, then she started making me beg her to do it and so eventually she did and we became a hotwife/cuck couple. This evolved over a long period of time but I am just giving the short version. Anyway, that began an amazing sexual journey

    • My wife is definitely a slut and that's why I think I married her. We grew up in the same neighborhood and she was fucking guys at an early age I think she sucked her first cock when she was 12. Everyone told me not to marry her because she was fucking so many guys but something about her I just couldn't help myself. After we got married she continued to fuck other men and it never bothered me I love her for who she is.

    • Nice mam lucky.

    • I also love hearing my wife's past. She doesn't know, that I know, that she's fucking 1 of her ex boyfriends. We got drunk 1 night and she fell asleep with her phone open and she got a text. Not a big deal, as a rule. However, I glanced as it briefly was on screen, said "hey sexy" in the beginning. Naturally, it caught my attention and investigated. I pretended to be her and found they were fucking on her "girls"trips with friends. Sent some pics of her she had on her phone, he had a couple already. Was such a turn on

    • My wife told me, before we met, when she was 28 she let herself get picked up by a 19yr old at a night spot when she was feeling sorry for herself - and had had too much to drink.
      She said she only let him "in" her once - because he took so stupidly long to cum!
      She said she had a couple nice orgasms while he was humping furiously away atop her - with her legs up by her head - the way he wanted it - so he could get deeper in her.
      But he just kept grunting away on top of her, eyes closed, face grimacing - sweat now pouring off of him and dripping down onto my wife.
      She said the poor kid must have thought that that is what an older more experience woman would want from her lover.
      She said she had to start whispering sexy things into his ear and then reached around playing with his balls - and that he finally finally! came with a girlish squeak when she slipped her ring finger into his butt.
      She said she was ever so glad to get her legs back together again!....and give her poor "girl parts" a rest from his banging.
      She also said she was glad it was his apt., not hers, so she could bug out quickly! Lesson learned.

    • I love hearing about my wife having sex with other men before me she has really good stories

    • My wife said she and he took some polaroid's. She sucked him wet, laid him on his side so his "tower" dick was sticking up like a "wet tree from shrubbery".
      He licked my wife wet, positioned her head down, butt up, on her knees, legs spread --- and he got into position at her rear with the camera for a "gynecologist's" view of my wife!
      She said they'd do phone sex looking at their photos late at night and masturbate. Sadly - she said she tossed her photo of his crotch - and that she was sure he'd toss the ones of her. "Sure....I just bet he did! "I said.
      My wife blushed a bit - and said she sure hopes he did - "because he goes to our church!"
      She refuses to point him out to me.
      But I'm pretty certain I know who he is. Once a guy's fucked your wife - you can tell by the way they act around each other.

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