Married guy who enjoys being penetrated

I'm happily married and an active member of my community. Since I was a teenager I have enjoyed masturbating anally with different objects. It's something that I have always kept private. After ten years of marriage, I went stray with a coworker, who confessed me her idea to be with another woman, so I took the opportunity to tell her that I wanted to be with a man. She encouraged me, so I rented an escort and had a great time.
Since then I have been doing it in average twice a year. I have always been passive, and most of the times I try to get dressed up as a woman.
I'm sure that I'm not gay, I have never felt attracted to any man, is just the idea to be a woman and be in control what turns me on.
Lately, I started going to arcades, where I can suck random guys. I always swallow and that makes me feel proud, the fact that they enjoy and give me some reward. Many times they wanted to fuck me, which I allowed without hesitating (with a condom every time).
I think I'm not hurting anyone, as I have never had a relationship with any of these guys, but the desire to feel that sometimes overwhelms me.
Absolutely nobody suspects this addition.
Am I wrong on being like this?

1 month ago


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    • No you are not wrong for loving anal sex.i am a construction worker and I love being having my ass fucked and no one knows. My wife pegs me with her strapon on a regular basis and I have been with many guys that have used my ass for their pleasure have your ass filled up and feeling it pumping in and out of my hole is the best feeling ever.

    • You are a bisexual man nothing wrong with that. I am a openly bisexual married man. Who loves to bottom for men and I swallow every time I suck cock. And I have been fucked quite a lot. I don't fully dress as a woman but I do wear panties and thigh high stockings that my wife buys for me.

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