What’s your greatest..

Let’s be honest, we all replay the highlight reel in our heads. That one great fuck or encounter that you just can’t get out of your head.

Tell us. What’s yours?

Mine was a girl I was seeing for a short time. Way too short a time actually.

She was incredible in bed and I found her so fuck hot too. Open to anything and so honest about what she wanted to try too. I loved that.

Anyway. I went to a club with a few mates, fancy dress thing. I didn’t know she’d be there too but she was…dressed like a smurf. Took her hot, ate her pussy (the best looking and tasting pussy I’ve ever had) and fucked all over the place. The house the next morning was covered in blue paint. We laughed about it…and fucked while showering and cleaning up.

Don’t know why it’s my best, just can’t ever get that out of my head.

3 months ago


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    • Went to Aruba for a friends wedding, my ex girl friends mom was there also, alone hubby had work. Angie was there as a request from the grooms mother. We spent a lot of time together before the wedding catching up. Angie was looking great especially since she lost about 140lbs. The night of the wedding she wore this purple front zip dress, after I got her to her room, unzipped her dress to expose everything, best sex ever. She got even more wild as I whispered in her ear that she’s better than her daughter. Spent the next 2 nights fucking her.

    • For me it was the first time my wife came home with another man. I was jealous and turned on at the same time. I watched her do everything with him. She looked me dead in the eyes and took his cock in her mouth and went to town on him. She licked and sucked on his balls. He was a lot bigger than I was but she loved every minute of it. When he was on top of her all she kept saying was fuck me baby over and over. I didn't even realize that he didn't have a cumdom on and she let him cum inside of her pussy

    • Mine would definitely be my first DP. I’d fooled around with my boyfriends and their friends, but always just spit roasting or taking turns. I’d always been curious about it, looked like it felt really good. I was on top of the friend, his cock was huge like a pringles can and I was loving it. Then as my boyfriend pushed his cock in to my ass it was like the wizard of Oz when everything turns to color. The friend moaned and took one of my tits in his mouth. That combined with my boyfriends pumping i orgasmed almost immediately. The greatest orgasm I’ve ever had. I love DP, but it’s never been as good as that first time.

    • Pringles can? hardly possible.

    • I can see why this is your greatest.

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