Young wife agreed to let my friend taste her

My 26 yr old wife was comfortable with my male friends - especially one fellow who often stayed late, sometimes slept on our couch.
My wife sometimes wore a short nighty and her bikini panties in the kitchen when fixing morning coffee for my golfing buddies. And often showered and joined my best friend and I for cards or conversation - always in her T-shirt and bikini panties. We's sit on the carpet - while she sat with her legs crossed - or knees up and feet spread - apparently unaware how much we were enjoying the sight of her young pussy in the crotch of her panties. Sometimes she'd crawl around doing something - and give us a great shot of her cute little ass and crotch - often with a bit of a wedgie in her pink-cheeked butt crack. She knew we were looking at her butt sometimes , "Don't look at my blemishes!" and she'd put a hand back over one cheek. She was so young she had a couple on her bottom - which did nothing to spoil the view!
Anyway - you get the picture: young wife, comfortable with herself, sexy ....and sort of know it!
One night after a rather "R" rated conversation about favorite sexual positions - and sexy bits in movies wife said to my buddy, "Hello!...I'm up here ya' know!...what's so interesting down there below my shirt?~!" she cupped her hand over her pantied pussy.
It got real quiet.
Finally, I said, "Honey, cut him some slack. Your panties are a ....umm - little bit see-thru~!......and, umm - we've BOTH been enjoying your crotch for 3 hours!"
"Oops....s o r r y!" she said, as she put both hands coyly between her legs and fell onto her back, "I'm just a girl sitting in her panties with two handsome guys - is it making you making you guys as horny as it's making me?!"
Mike just nodded.....
I said, "you sweet little cunt - you know what you're doing to us!"
She laughed, and rolled over giving us a lovely look up between her young thighs. "So, what are we going to do about this situation....?" she said looking over her butt at us.
I asked Mike to go fix us all a drink in the kitchen, and then laid next to her, whispering.....
"Do you know that Mike has never tasted a girl down there?"
She reached between her legs...."Down here? Never?!" she said.
"Nope - I didn't know either. And one time I was telling him how delicious you are down your pussy tastes as good as most girl's mouths. Went on and on about how sweet your pussy tastes. I didn't realize I was tormenting him!"
She got quiet.....then smiled. "So, you're telling me this ...why??"
"Well, you're a girl. Maybe you'll think of something."
She studied on it.....
"But not for sex, I mean. He can't put his penis in me, OK?"
"Sure. You're in charge."
"Just let him give me head, right? You're OK with it.....if I give him, open my legs for his ...mouth, and hands....and tongue..?"
"Yep - but how 're we going to do this. get it started?"
She smiled, "I got this."
I was mighty impressed with this girl....
She sat Mike on the edge of the couch, stood in front of him with her pantied mound inches from his face and said, "Listen, Mikey, I was wondering if you could help me out with my little problem this evening?"
"I guess" he said....staring at her mound.
"Well,....we can't fuck, but could you kiss me ....right there where you're looking right now? I would really enjoy that.....and maybe you would too?"
He nodded.
"Take them off, please."
He slid her panties slowly down her legs, his eyes glued to her glistening little brunette bush as it was uncovered.
She took his hands and placed them on her butt cheeks and slowly leaned her curls near his mouth. "Kiss me please Mikey!"
He need no encouragement as her squeezed her bottom and pulled her mound firmly against his face.
She was so horny from exposing her private girl parts to two guys all evening that she started moaning and pulling his hair to get him deeper into her crotch.
He took her hips and pulled her to the floor, where she sat with her knees up and legs spread as his kissed his way up both her young thighs. Then she lay back ......and Mike instinctively knew what she wanted him to do. He buried his face in her wet slit, licking and sucking and probing her butt hole, pussy folds and cunt and gently nuzzling and sucking her clit.
She kept trying to close her thighs on his head with each of her 3 orgasms - but he gently pushed her knees apart he could breath! She bucked, pulled his hair, called MY name, grunted, twisted and squirmed, made very female-being-fucked noises, flowed pussy fluids all over his face and down across her butt hole to the carpet....slicking both innner thighs nearly to her knees. (she's NOT a gusher - whatever that is....but she produces plenty of girl lubricant when she gets horny and fucks....or just gets horny in her jeans!)
Finally - she told me afterwards - "After I cumming the 2nd time I remembered my manners - and went for his balls and dick - very nice dick by the way!", she teased. "I figured his balls gotta' be aching by now - and you know i never let a guy go home with blue balls after he's fed me - or I've fed him!" she laughed.
She used both hands on his balls and dick and he came, loads!, on her tummy when she pulled him atop her as she came down from her final orgasm.
After they recovered, she got on her knees, leaned over and gave him a nice long kiss while reaching down and being gentle with his still aching ball sack.
Standing with a foot on either side of his chest, she put her hand patting her glistening wet bush and said, "That was very nice Mikey! Thank you - hope you enjoyed that as much as I did!"
He just smiled up, as she gave him a long, final look at her very naked and very tastey crotch.
Over coffee in the morning - he couldn't take his eyes off the mound of her little yellow bikini panties nor her small youthful breasts with the puffy nipples --- she'd chosen to share by wearing a sheer short nighty. . But that was absolutely normal behavior for both...
I've not tasted a great many pussies - but my wife is blessed quite honestly with a vagina which tastes like a sweet girl's mouth! and I'm not the only one who has commented on that!

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    • Thats very nice great they both had a good time, how about next time let him put his dick in all her holes they will both love it and you would enjoy watching and having a nice tug.

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