18th birthday

Ok a little about me, im 5'5" 125lbs long black hair feminine features. So i was turning 18 ive never been out with a man before,ive thought about it often,ive been dressing since i was 6 and keep myself in good shape and very smooth all over. The day i turned 18 i decided to go out completely as Cassidy. I prepared myself with a nice bath and body lotion,then i did my makeup and hair, then put on thigh high stockings suntan shade and a super sexy bodycon dress. I checked myself in the mirror feeling sexy and looking good! Walking to my car in these heels felt amazing. I drove to a local restaurant/bar and went in for something to eat. Id been there for awhile when across the room a tall handsome man caught my attention,as i made my way to him i was very nervous,i introduced myself as Cassidy he said nice to meet you im Tom. After a bit we found a table and talked for what seemed like hours. Then he ask if id like to go someplace quiet to talk more,during our conversation i told him all about myself,he was completely fine with me and told me how beautiful i was. So on to his place we went. We barely made it through his door making out,i was so into it! I could tell he was to by the huge bulge in his pants, things were getting pretty hot,i felt i needed to tell him id never done this before,he just said ok we'll take it slow. We made it to his bedroom i lost most of my clothes on the way. He put me on his bed then took off his clothes,he probably could tell by the look in my eyes i really liked what i was seeing! As he got closer to the bed i got down on the floor to get at his amazing cock! I started with the tip slowly taking more in at a time,before i knew what was going on i was sucking it like a champ! He lifted my up on to the bed i got on all fours....then he lubed a finger and started entering me slowly,then the head of his cock started pressing against my tight little hole. Slowly he got it all in, it hurt at first but began to feel amazing as he pushed in and out picking up speed,i was in heaven, just then feeling so feminine with a man's cock in me i started to cum with the most amazing orgasms id ever had! Wave after wave as he continued to fuck me,after what seemed like forever he said im about to cum is it ok? I couldn't speak i was so into the orgasm s i just nodded. I could feel him tense up the i could feel his cum inside me!! OMG such an amazing feeling. We just fell to the bed exhausted i feel asleep. I woke the next morning to him bringing me coffee in bed.....What an 18th birthday night!!!

7 days ago

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    • Little sissies like you are the best lovers. Mine always lets me fuck them so hard. Gives the best head too. So hard not to cum all over their face before I throw them on the bed and take their little ass.

      I'd do the same to you. You'd be my little whore in no time.

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