My favorite color

Whenever I give my husband a hand job he gets super hard . He loves the way I take my time , I love everything about it. I gently graze his balls and asshole and he moans with pleasure. Usually his pre cum shows up quickly and I play with it between my fingers and I lick at it too. This drives him crazy and I can feel his cock get bigger and harder in my hands. The color I’m speaking about is his cock head. When he gets close to cumming his cock head turns the most awesome shade of purple/ blue/ red. It’s a combination of all 3 colors and I love it. Once I really beat him hard and he squirts out a thick cumshot the sticky white cum dripping down that big purple/blue/ red cock head is gorgeous. His cum is very warm and I let it slide all down my hand . Occasionally it leaps so far from his dick that it lands on my face or tits and he loves that. I really focus on that beautiful color of the head and when the cum erupts it makes my pussy wet. One time we made a video on my phone of him fucking me from behind and he pulled out and finished himself by beating off onto my ass. I must have watched that vid a hundred times while I rubbed my hairy pussy , each time I looked at that color his cock head turns and every time my pussy was soaked . Needless to say after confessing this he’s getting a hard beat off from me tonight for sure.

10 days ago


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    • Oh I forgot to update… I did jerk him off later that night and it was great. He especially loved it because his cum shot hit me right up my nose and on my lips.

    • Favorite color? Purple, blue or red?
      I’m confused.

    • It really is all 3 and that’s what I love. The shade makes me wet. Just knowing he’s ready to shoot out his cum is what really does it

    • I love to see you playing please

    • I’ll bet you would honey! Does your cock head look like I described when you’re ready to shoot off?

    • I'm uncut and the head of my cock is pink. My wife loves jacking me off. Even when I am hard the head of my cock is covered with forskin. When she pulls back the forskin she loves how pink the head is and that there's a lot of precum inside. She does this so slowly that I have to beg her to make me cum. When I do cum she will put some cum on her lips and kiss me. And she uses her finger inside of my forskin and have me lick her finger clean m

    • She sounds great lucky you! I’m sure your precum is hot I love using it as lipstick

    • My husband loves hand jobs, he says that I have the knack of doing them just right. Sometimes he wants a hand job when we're in bed when he'll shoot over my pubes or tummy and luckily I don't mind cum on my body unlike my sister who thinks that it's yucky. I'll also sometimes give him one when we're out in the car as long as we're parked out of the way.

    • That’s so great I’m happy to hear another girl loves giving hand jobs like me. You say he shoots on your pubic hair sometimes, well mine too. I keep my pussy all natural and I’m extremely hairy even into my ass crack . My Dan loves to shoot off into it but never before his face is buried into it almost always from behind. Im lucky he loves to please me . He loves me on my knees on the bed right near the edge and he eats my hairy ass and pussy from behind . My legs buckle when I cum he’s so good at it. His slippery tongue in my asshole is heaven on earth. HAPPY HANDJOBS AND CUM LICKING 😊

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