My Cheating wife's confessions

So my wife and I have been together for almost 16 years,me having been incarcerated for the majority of it, when I have been home I've always been gone for days at a time doing drugs and being unfaithful,my actions have led her to have multiple times been unfaithful,as of recently we have adopted a new lifestyle (mostly by my pressing), cuckolding,I am her cuck, and I'll give all the details of that in another story but in us pursuing this life style,she's found out I like for her to tell me her cheating stories etc.
Well a couple weeks ago she tells me that she's fucked not only two of my close friends but also my baby BROTHER!!!AND THAT ITS BEEN GOING ON FOR YEARS!!!
The other night I watched her play with her pussy and listen as she got wetter and wetter talking/thinking about fucking my brother until she orgasmed harder than I've EVER seen her do.Hearing her confess to my brother of all people, watching her get absolutely soaking wet (pussy juice on the bed) and orgasm harder than I've ever seen,makes me beg for my brother to get out of jail.
First I hope she fucks him behind my back,she described in there most recent encounter (I was released from incarceration in 2021) that she was in the shower at my parents house,(he lives with my parents, though on this occasion they were not home), when he forced his way into the bathroom jerked the shower curtain open (it's a walk in shower) grabbed her by the throat and took her pussy.i watched her orgasm harder replaying that then ever before.
Who could be mad at that?
Certainly not me,no you see I hope she fucks him behind my back,is so turned on that she fucks like a porn star,begs him to come in her pussy, and when there done comes back to me and as she is making me lick her pussy clean or is sitting on my face making me swallow every drop,tells me all about how she just fucked my brother and to clean his cum out of her freshly fucked pussy,as she goes on to give me all the details and tell me how much she loved it.

16 days ago

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    • The drinking age was 18 in the 70's., my buddy Bill and I met hot Katie at a trendy college pub -- we were all HS seniors -- different schools. We both make out with her. We get 6 packs and the 3 of us drive around. I go out with her Tue, Bill Thur. She has a boyfriend she's cheating on. But he has her weekends.
      The next date with her I try to get in her pants, she gives me a blowjob, says she's not on birth control and had a condom break during sex. One night we see her at a burger joint with her cheerleader girlfriends. She says let's get 6 packs and cruise. We park off a dirt road and she gives us both blowjobs. A month later she says her mom caught giving her giving her BF a BJ "embarrassing -- but she got me on birth control." -- She lovers to fuck, both of us back to back.,-- gang bang. Off to different colleges we go and see little of each other for 5 years. We both get jobs in Philly and hook back up there. Lee's in the Army -- we all write. Katie had spent a summer in a convent to test the waters there -- said she loved it but not a lifer. She always was religious. It was during her 3 way sex confession the priest steered her to the convent. We're married 40 years.

    • I'd rather read about your sex stories while incarcerated. It would have to be much better than that story.

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