Chubby Chasing Cougar

I've been lusting after a man that looks to be about half my age. I think he works in the security department of a rather popular electronics store. The kicker is he is rather tall and heavy set in a way that gets me all kinds of flustered. I would say about 6'4, wide, bottom heavy, and at least 350lbs. The first thing you see when you walk in the store is big wide bubble butt and tree trunk thighs straining his pants. Its sooo hot.

I usually pop in by myself but after I walked in with my equally huge ass boyfriend I think he finally realized the stares I give him are filled with lust. My boyfriend is kinky and wants me to try him out but like I said, I'm older and I know that young brute would hand me my ass and then some in bed and that would complicate my already complicated life.

Recently, I can tell he's been taking better care of himself and its turning me on even more. I don't know if I could resist much longer.

20 days ago

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