Wives who were not virgins

This is for the guys who married women that were not virgins when you started dating. Did you or your wife have more sexual partners before you got together? How many women did you fuck and how many men fucked your wife?

20 days ago

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    • My wife is my actual high school sweetheart, we agreed that we would see other people during college. She went to NYU in NY, while I stayed in Texas. Throughout our marriage we’ve had threesomes, orgies, swing parties, but it wasn’t until a swing bbq that the conversation of how many partners we’ve had came up, to my surprise Tracy said she’s been with over 100 men

    • I say Wow over 100! My wife has had sex with around 30 guys, half after we married. My number is only 8 so my wife has many more partners than me. It never bothered me that many guys had fucked her before we started dating.

    • Frankly speaking it is hard to realize whether a young woman is vaginal virgin. I have fucked about a dozen women aged 16 to 60 yo. All those younger below 20 had tight pussy and I never bothered bout their virginity. Yes, the older ones are different particularly if they have given birth ... One can know if his wife had fucked earlier only through observing her fucking techniques!!

    • My wife had several boyfriends that fucked her before me. She told me that they had fucked her and she knew what she liked best from having done most everything before me.

    • Same with my wife, lots of guys wanted to fuck her and a lot did.

    • My wife was a vaginal virgin. And she had never sucked anyone. She and her high school boyfriend were Catholic so they butt fucked for four years.

    • I also dated a girl that attended Catholic school. We met at a football game and became an item. She had thin curly bright red hair and covered with freckles, skinny & no tits. I could tell she didn't attention from guys because she loved getting flirted with. I thought it would be hard to get inside those panties but after the first date she was giving me oral like a vacuum cleaner! I finally asked if she'd like to fuck. She would only agree to anal. We did that for a few months until we broke up.
      She never wore the 'catholic school girl' uniform when we went out or fucked.
      I never got inside her pussy either. However, there were a few times I gave her tight ass a pounding. lol

    • The Catholic girls at my high school only did oral. I enjoyed it for a while but really wanted to fuck a girl. My mother wasn't happy that I started dating a protestant girl but she really liked to fuck and I didn't care that she had fucked several other guys. We went to different colleges where we both had more partners and after college we got back together. We moved in with each other and married 2 years later, that was 46 years ago.

    • Did you fuck her cunt before you got married or did she only let you fuck her butt?

    • My wife was not a virgin when we started dating. She had more experience fucking than I did since I was still a virgin. She had two long term boyfriends that she fucked for over two years before me. I knew the two guys that had fucked her since they were both friends of mine. Knowing that she loved fucking made me want her even more.

    • Well actually she was my first at 17 she was 24 I was her second. She cheating on me and got another cock. We split up got back together I have had about 60 different pussy lost count at 50. And she only had 3 cocks to this day

    • Good for you getting some experience pussy older girl when you were 17. What comes with that is a cock craving 24 year old .

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