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My boyfriend and I have been together for four months .. we've never talked about sex but ive thought about it... It's just I've been abused before and I'm scared... I don't know what to do rn

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  • Tell him before he cheats on you

  • What? He's not gonna cheat on me... We're 15

  • Im sorry to hare what happend you honey. But I have a daughter who is a little younger than you and caught her in bed in just her panties with boy from her school over week end and shes only going on fifteen. You are only a little girl like my daughter and it was very unlucky for my daughter too be just in her panties. Because as soon as I kicked that boy out I went into my daughter and gave her one of the hardest and longest spankings I have ever giveing her on her panties and then finished her spanking with her hairbrush and took off her panties and trust me hun you would get the same if you were my bsby girl. My daughter was sobbing.and rubbing her well smacked and red bum cheeks as she danced on spot and which proves to me that fifteen is a child. Dont go down that road sweet heart..

  • A teenager is too old to be spanked, that is fucked up. With a hair brush? You are beating your child and should be charged.

  • Whys that. You think its better too let kids run wilde and get away with murder...

  • Are you for real. My child wont be doing that crap. We allways spank our daughters and thats what gets their attention most times. Parents are too scared too discipline their children and thats why their running wilde. Our middle daughter is in her room now nurseing her bare bum. She thinks at 11 she can sass back and roll her eyes and went too hit her younger sister. Well a good bare bum spanking less than hour ago changed her tune and shes grounded with early bedtime and my husband will smack her bum before bed. As for our oldest daughter. Shes also grounded and I will be roasting her bare bum sunday and before school monday morning. Our daughters will not be running around streets and causeing trouble like alot off kids..

  • This is how S & M fetishes form, sexual arousal followed by punishment.

  • Know shes allways being spanked by us that way and she knows she was wrong and im very open with my baby girl about alot off stuff and I just wont allow my child too grow up with sleep around. Shes only a child..

  • Oh don't be a bitch about it you never know ur daughter could have been pressured into that, and nowadays it's more normal than it's ever been to have sex at 15, like 16 is the age of consent. You need to let go and let her grow up, stop being a control freak and a general bitch

  • Young kids and teenagers think they are wiser and smarter as my daughter thinks at times also honey. But when I smack her bum shes not so big for her boots..

  • Bitch sweetie. You sound like a little madam and need your bum smacked..

  • My daughter will was not forced and I asked her. Shes a sweet girl and knows we love her. Spanking has allways being used as part off her punishment and know way in hell will I allow my daughter at not even 15 sleep around and shes grounded and has rescived early bedtime since at 7 and I have blisterd her bottom before bed. Last few nights and she wont be fifteen till augast. She knows we love her and knows when she makes bad choices she will be disciplined by us and knew it was going to be her little bare bottom paying the price..

  • I turn 16 in April and my mom had no problem with it unless I become pregnant... Unless I'm sexually abused and I become pregnant I am expected to have safe sex but she can't expect me to not have it and I've been hit by my father... I was abused... I have high tolerance for pain...

  • Your under age and your mom allows it. Your dad was wrong to hit you and sorry to hare it sweetie. If they spanked you for disobedience thats diffrent. But too beat a child for nothing is very wrong. But I can honestly tell you sweetie. That at your age you would certainley not be haveing sex. You would be grounded and have your bum spanked. You are a child and your moms wrong too allow it sweetie..

  • I was 31 before i had sex. more and more women wait cuz the guys are not great and you have to shop around with men and go to were they are and be like them. go to football or ice hockey and hang out with the coach and team in the dressing room and sheds on side field.

  • I'd get into it asap. cuz you will always find an excuse to put it off and there is no "one" guy for you or anyone. it gets in the way later being a virgin. but if you want to be a lesbian which more women and girls are doing first or after bad marriage just wait and try new things. love aint worth much these days. don't be fooled by rubbish on the media cuz sex and love and marriage is not what it used to be and never will be again.

  • Darling just take your time don't be in any rush, discuss your concern's with him so he knows whats going on and if he is the real one for you he will understand and also take things easy, does not mean that you both can't kiss, cuddle and play with each other or even try a massage each you could leave your panties on till your confident, once you both start playing naked things will happen and you both will enjoy the love giving and taking.
    Please let us know how you progress sweetie you sound so very nice.

  • Honey, until you're comfortable with this, don't even think about proceeding. The last thing you want is your first experience to be linked with bad memories. Please get help dealing with those abuse issues.

  • Knickers down get on all fours with you ass up and tell him to get right up your muff .

  • I love this man

  • What does that mean? We're both young not like in our forties or something

  • You both get naked and sit across from each other and talk about the first thing that pops up.... Nature will take its course.

  • Just start a conversation. It’ll all come out

  • Oh we did he came all over my face

  • What?

  • Be honest with him. Tell him your concerns and talk about it. If he cares about you he will understand.

  • I want to have sex with my boyfriend but I'm scared...

  • So tell him that. Communication is critical in a relationship.

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