Almost accidentall Cross Dressing

I used to go out regularly with my female friends to the nightclubs.
One evening when getting ready and doing pre drinks I kind of accidentally poured red wine all down my self. It soaked right through my pants, shirt and underwear.
I announced I was going home and couldn't go out tonight but the girls didn't feel safe going on their own and my house was 45 minutes away in the wrong direction. Unless of course one of you have some clothes I can wear.
The girls pushed me toward the shower and set to work finding jeans and a shirt for me to wear out to the club for a night of fun.

When I emerged from the shower they presented me with the jeans and a blouse looking shirt with frills down the front and told me Prince wears the same type of shirts and girls love him.
I announced I had no underwear and they smiled. They handed me a black satin teddie with lace around the arms and chest and I was starting to worry. I said underwear was my preferred choice but was told the teddie was too big for her but would fit me and all her underwear was skimpy little thongs unless I wanted to wear the granny period undies.

The period undies didn't sound so appealing so I went about figuring out how to put on the teddie. It was stretchy satin and nylon at the bottom then lace from the hips to the neck with a zip up the back. The girls zipped me up and laughed at my raging hard on in the soft fabric.
I pulled on the tight black stretch jeans and did up the buttons. The girls laughed and said I should just go like that but I pulled the flouncy frilly blouse over my head. It had ruffles down the front and around the cuffs and really did look like something Prince wore on an album cover.
We went out and danced all night and returned home at 3am quite drunk.
Her flat mate offered me to sleep in her bed with her and gave me a short purple satin nighty and a pair of nylon panties that were purple stretchy fabric at the front and underneath and black and purple lace on the hips and bum. I was again as hard as a rock when I put them on but she soon took care of it for me.
The next week the girls insisted I bring a couple of changes of clothes round and leave them at their house so I did. But every now and then they would dress me in an outfit and at Halloween we went to a party and they dresses me as a sexy nurse in heels and stockings and fake boobs. I was in haven.
Unfortunately all the fun stopped when they got transfered to different locations and when I got a girlfriend.

1 month ago

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