I may have turned my boyfriend Bi

Im 22 and ever since I can remember I have loved the thought of seeing 2 guys in action together.
I had a really bad experience with my first BF when I tried to go down on him and ever since have not given head to any partners since then. This has been an issue in some relationships but my current partner I thought was cool with it. Only in the past couple of years did it become a real thing for him and he believed showed I didn't trust him. He knows what happened with my first BF and keeps stating that I can trust him not to do that but I just really can't go there just yet.
He said he would do anything for me if I would go down on him and even said he would do what I wanted first.
Suddenly my own fetish sprung to mind
Me: "OK I will give you head if you do it first"
Him: "Baby I will eat you out all day if that's what you want"
Me: "No I mean I will go down on you if you go down on another guy first. And I can watch"
Him: Silence and a blank stare
Me: ;"You keep saying it's no big deal so prove it and you blow some hot guy first while I watch"
Him: "I told your mom I would look at her mower today"
He walked away but I was now really wanting to see him with another guy. I always fantasised about it but now speaking the words I wanted to see it bad so I brought it up every chance I could.
During foreplay and love making and I even bought a strap on and worked it into our love making. He was very resistant at first but was soon on his knees sucking me and since I didn't mind anal he eventually bent over for me too.
This just made my desire to see him with a real cock much worse. As he would make love to me I would tell him over and over how I would love to see those sexy lips of his wrapped around a thick hard cock. I started saying it before we made love and eventually my seductive blow by blow descriptions of how I wanted to see him suck then fucked by a massive cock would make him hard and get him in the mood without me touching him. I would kiss his whole body then talk to his cock letting my breath tease it and my lips just brush the tip as I would describe what I wanted "You want my lips around this, I want to see your lips around a cock first"
One night while plunging his ass with a vibrator as he fucked me and I described how hot it would be to see him with a guy he just suddenly agreed. "Fuck. OK. Yes I will suck a cock for you" then he came so hard his whole body shook. I was a bit shocked. Rather than let him calm down I kept the vibrator moving in his ass and squeezed his cock with my pussy keeping him hard "Do you promise? Will you really suck a real cock then let him fuck you?" He was already moving into a second orgasm as he panted out yes and I made him repeat it back to me starting with I want.
It took several months of planning and organisation and I found the perfect guy. He was a friend of a friend, very well built and as it turned out really well hung. Gay and single. My BF didn't want to be involved in any of the planning so had all the conversation with the guy we will call Guy for the purpose of this story. Guy explained all the ins and outs and how my BF could be cleaned out for the event.
We actually picked up a hospital strength laxative they use for doing endoscopy and it was effective but I felt so bad for him for that 12 hour period. It was like Niagra Falls of shit he said. Then he fasted for the following day before the event.
Guy came over around 9pm and we talked and had a few drinks. BF tried to talk to him about normal things and cars etc and I could see he was nervous. A few more drinks and we were joking about what we were all about to do together. At around 10:30pm guy stood up and went to have a shower. He came out of the shower wearing nothing but a towel, walked over to BF and stood in front of him. Guy dropped his towel and his cock was already pretty erect. BF looked at me and I knew he was going to back out. I quickly grabbed the handcuffs and cuffed his wrists together and held his arms out while guy stepped into them leaving BF now cuffed behind guys legs face to face with his magnificent cock. This helped because suddenly we were making him do it so he wasn't doing it of his own free will. Therefore in BF mind not gay.
He looked at me with sad puppy dog eyes and I gave him a soft encouragement "Close your eyes and pretend it's my strap on" and he did.
I was amazed as he took the cock into his mouth and started sucking like a pro. Guy was obviously enjoying himself and kept telling BF how well he was doing. BF seemed to be enjoying making Guy harder and seemed to be edging him closer and closer. When guy would sigh and go weak at the knees BF would get a silly smirk on his face. Then it happened. BF got really serious and changed his speed. Guy had to lean against the couch but then Guy pulled away really quickly. Guy went off to get a drink and came back smiling "I have been saving this for your ass. Not to blow down your throat" So we all got up and moved to the bedroom.
Once there Guy put my BFs cuffed wrists over his head and stood face to face with him. He then took my BF in his arms and started kissing him. BF was shocked but played along. He lay him down on the bed and lifted his knees and lubed both himself up and my BFs rectum. He used a whole lot of lube to ensure BF didn't have a bad experience. He looked into BFs eyes and started to slide in. Guy was a little surprised at how easy and how well he took it and I felt the need to tell him "Oh its because I peg him frequently. Not cause he is gay" guy smiled and started kissing my BF very heavily as he moved his hips making my BF take the full length of his thick shaft. I wanted details so I asked BF how it felt.
Me: "Is it good"
BF: "mmmmuuhhuu yes"
Me: "Is he bigger than me"
BF: "Oh... oh yes mmm"
Me: "Is he better at it than me?"
Then Guy added a slight twist to his hip movements and BF clenched him tightly and moaned long and low
Me: "Baby is it better than when I do it?"
BF: "Oh fuck yes... oh fuck me fuck yes"
Now I know this is what was said because I have the whole thing recorded on my laptop.
Suddenly both boys were moaning and panting and kissing and BF let out a little yell. Guy pushed his hips in hard and BF kept saying deeper. Then as Guy emptied 2 months worth of cum inside my BFs asshole, BF started to moan and croon and then yelled as he also started to cum. I was in awe at the facial expressions and how tightly BFs legs were wrapped around guy. Guy was very good and didn't pull out straight away. He lay there comforting my BF telling him how magical it was for him and what a great lover he was. Giving him little kisses as my BF blushed and said he was a little embarrassed.
They both got up and went to the bathroom to clean up and I suddenly realised Guy had gone in bare back and literally filled BFs hole with cum.
When they returned to the bedroom in towels I could tell BF was still a little embarrassed and suddenly very sober. I kissed him and said I would repay the deal and sat him down on the bed, removed the towel and proceeded to give my BF the head job he so richly deserved from me. I wasn't seeming to get anywhere and then Guy butted in. "Let me show you how it's done" Guy moved in between his legs and went to work on BFs cock with his mouth. Instantly my BF was moaning. He grabbed my arm and guided me on to the bed. He slipped my panties down and pulled my ass toward his face. I had a great view of Guy swallowing my BFs cock while my BF ate out my ass and pussy. I cum so hard and so quick I almost drowned my poor BF but he wiped his face and kept going then he yelled into my pussy as he started to cum and Guy swallowed every last drop.
Guy excused himself shortly after and went home and I had a night of really messy and intense sex with my BF till about 4am.
Since that incident we have had Guy over 3 more times.
Last night BF tells me "Guy is coming over on Friday night and I am going to ask him to stay for the weekend"
I think I have turned my BF Bi now and actually I love it

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    • Wow, you're the same selfish, self-centered cunt ( whether you're female or male ) from the post where the guy didn't get what he asked for. Same story, basically. For shits and giggles, please regale us with the story of your first failed blowjob.

    • He's going to leave your no blowjob ass for a real sex partner that treats him right

    • Female & 20.
      This past July, a group of us stayed at a friends parents summer house in FL. We were hangin out drinking & smoking pot. One of the guys said the girls should kiss each other. I started kissing my BFF Andi. She's my roommate at college and we've made out before and went all the way.
      We got caught up in the moment and I had my hand down there fingering her and she was me.
      The guys wanted to join to make it an all out orgy. Kelly told the guys they could join but we wanted to watch them suck a cock first. With no hesitation, each of the guys took turns on each other.
      When my bf finished giving oral, we went back to our room and had crazy sex.

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