Does My Body Please Thee?

Does my body please thee, sire?"
She had opened her blouse, showing me her budding breasts. Her puckered pale nipples nearly blended in with her white skin. She drew her legs up, her skirt falling back to reveal a nearly smooth cleft.
I had found her out in the cold night and invited her back to my hearth. She was tiny, not even up to my shoulder. Her hair was raven black, straight and nearly to her waist. I didn't see it at first, but it was tied up with a black ribbon.
Her eyes looked washed of all color, an almost whitish blue. Her cheeks looked sunken in slightly as if she were just underweight. She was wearing a peasant blouse and skirt that almost reached her ankles. Her feet were bare but stark white, like the skin of her arms and face, Her breasts and nether region too, apparently.
"Aye, most pleasing to the eye. Thou are as cold as the grave, though. Come over here by the fire and warm up," I said as I put my hands on her breasts. Like small pebbles in my palms, they were.
"Thy hands shall warm me," she said, looking up at me through her raven black hair.
White teeth bit her lower lip and suddenly I had the urge to kiss her. I leaned forward and our tongues met, entwined. Slowly, her body warmed up as we kissed and I held her breasts. She ground her hips against me, perfectly knowing where my straining manhood was. She put her hands on my buttocks, drawing me in, grinding against me even harder. She had a strong grip for one so small.
"Thou art a virgin?" I asked.
"Nay. My innocence was taken long ago," she replied cryptically.
I wasn't sure sure why she said it that way. Surely, she couldn't have had more than 1 or 2 dalliances with a man. However, my attention was soon diverted from such thoughts as she continued to move against me. She knew what she was doing, so perhaps she had been a prostitute at a young age. It wasn't unheard of.
No underwear, so she must be a whore. Well, I wasn't going to face a whore while having intercourse with her. So, I grabbed her by, her leg, and rolled her onto her belly. I then lifted her skirt, exposing her chalk white buttocks. I slipped my fingers between her thighs, and between her nether lips. She arched her back, my fingers slipped into her folds, and I was rewarded with a sticky wetness on my fingers.
Wasting no time, I unbuttoned my pants and dropped them around my ankles. I put the tip of my manhood at her entrance, grabbed her by the hips and pulled her back onto me. I groaned as I easily sheathed my aching hardness inside her. She gasped and threw her head back, spilling her raven locks down her pale back.
I began to thrust, her milky white buttocks meeting my hips with the sound that only skin on skin has. They jiggled enticingly as I pushed her back and forth, driving and pulling my manhood along the inside of her.
Grabbing her straight black hair in my left hand, I reached around with my right to feel her nipples again, marveling at how hard they were. I found I could easily stimulate them with one hand, she was so slight. Each thrust made us both gasp and brought me closer to completion.
Then I heard the unmistakable sound of her crying.
"What is the matter?" I asked.
"Thou treat me like a whore, sire. Turning me over so that I cannot kiss thy sweet lips as you give me pleasure."
"Is it pleasure I give thee?"
"Aye, my lord. T'would be more pleasure if I could kiss thee, hold thee as thy rod plows my depths."
Such language! She must be a whore. Still, her unseen tears moved me.
Looking at her perfect backside with regret, I withdrew from her. Perhaps on the second go, I would be able to turn her over and make her buttocks jiggle again. She rolled over onto her back, spreading her legs, and reaching her arms to me, inviting me in. I fell forward, holding myself above had as she grasped my manhood and pressed the tip into her folds. Again, I was able to easily plumb her depths, unusual in one so tiny.
As she had requested, I kissed her as we moved together. Her tongue and teeth licked and nipped me as we found a rhythm together. She was so tiny, when she tried to lock her legs around my waist, she couldn't hold it for very long. Her feet were in the air, her toes pointed as our movements caused them to rise and dip in unison.
My hand again found her tiny breasts, pinched her one nipple and rubbed the heel of my palm against the other. I took a pause from kissing her (it seemed she was trying to bite me in her passion) and licked each one slowly. I was rewarded with a low growl from her and her sheath tightened around me.
I began to feel as if I were about to reach completion. A few more thrusts and I would be there. She was able to finally lock her ankles around my waist without slipping. I held my head upright so I could breathe more easily while she put her hands under my shoulders, pulled herself upward and buried her face into my neck.
Our hips moved in unison as I felt my climax begin. Suddenly, there was a sharp pain where she was kissing my neck. I continued to thrust, my manhood feeling as if it would split her twain from the inside.
As I continued to move, the pain increased, matching the waves of my pleasure. I tried to pull back from her mouth, but found I could not. I thrust again, another wave of pleasure overcoming me, as her hips met mine.
She held me with her legs and under my shoulders in a crushing grip. Again, I tried to pull free, but was unsuccessful. The pain in my neck continued to soar, outpacing the pleasure. One final spasm finished flowing out from me into her.
She continued to hold me in a death grip I could not escape from. I flailed my arms and legs to no avail, the pain where her mouth was latched onto me continued unabated..
Finally the pain began to subside, but she didn't release me, drawing harder and harder against my neck. I could feel weakness invade my body and soon I couldn't even flail my limbs. A wave of unconsciousness overtook me.
Distantly, I became aware that she had released me from her grip. She pushed me off of her with ease, rolling me onto my side. I tried to move my head to look at her, but was only able to weakly roll it.
She leaned over to look at me, blood covering her mouth, running down to her modest breasts in rivulets of crimson. Her teeth! How had I missed the canines that were at least 3 inches long? Her cheeks were now full and flushed, infused with my blood. The sunken look was gone, she looked well fed. Her nipples were a coral pink, matching the parts of her lips that weren't bloody. Her black hair now had a shine and luster that it lacked before. The only thing that remained unchanged were her eyes. I could now see they were the milky eyes of a corpse that has been dead a few days.
She lifted her skirt and put a finger into her womanhood. She withdrew it, and licked it clean, her tongue longer normal as well, I could see. She put her whole finger in her mouth and sucked it to make sure she got all of what she'd gathered. Then, she turned her dead eyes to me.
"Art thou still alive?" she asked after pulling her finger from her mouth.
"Impressive. I've never had a man be able to bring me such pleasure before, from both his blood, and his cock."
This seemed surreal coming from such an innocent sounding voice. She pulled the black ribbon from her hair and tied it against my throat.
"If thou recovers, I'll return. You've invited me in, so now you are powerless to stop me. I hope you do live though. I enjoyed our romp, and look forward to another," she said.
Then she was gone into the cold night, leaving only the ribbon around my throat to show she had been there.
Now I wait for her, dreading her return, hoping for it.
The door will fly open late one freezing night. She will be standing there with her blouse still open, the stains of my blood, faint maroon trails on her white marble skin, the wind blowing her dull black hair forward from her face. Her corpse's eyes will fix on me, her mouth will pull into a parody of a smile, exposing those monstrous fangs. She will step in with her arms raised in a welcoming embrace.And I will fall to my knees embrace her, throwing back my head so she can remove the ribbon from my neck and claim my blood. My erection will painful, waiting for her to release it and claim it for hers as well.
Truly, I will be damned.

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    • Well alright then, thou didst have one raucus adventure.

    • Verily!

    • I hooked up with a trans girl at a costume party dressed as Jeannie. You know the pink harem costume. I had now idea until we got back to her place. She was hot, ripped stomach and had a belly ring. We started making out and she suggested we go to her apartment.
      OMG! Best sex ever!

    • Similar thing happened to me once in Schenectady

    • Good work !

    • Thanks!

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