Wifey's cheataversary

My beautiful wife. I caught her at a fancy hotel onetime getting fucked by another guy. I was mad at her for about 2 hours then I became so fucking hard for her I had to cum inside her. She'fucks me so well I let her see her dick buddy whenever she feels like. I wait for her in the hotel lobby and when he leaves I rush up and lick her sweet pussy clean. I love it! Then we screw and I fill her up again while she'teases me recanting her earlier pounding. On the anniversary of her cheating on me I buy her flowers and ask her when she will be doing it again.

1 month ago

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    • My Buddy Bob when he sees my hot wife Lilly "damn you lucky bastard, I'd fuck her so hard -- let me have her for 2 hours.' I'm like STFU -- fuck your own pretty wife. "Who you fucked 1,000x's -- just 2 hours," he says. I went with her before he did.
      Lilly: we need to talk. Don't go crazy, Don't divorce me, please. I was fucking my boss. We were naked after hours, I was giving him a blowjob and 2 janitors saw the whole thing. We had loud music on. He's been transferred. I'll make it up to you -- 3 way sex if you like -- I have someone in mind.
      Me: You whore, I get to pick who. Our friend Bob -- I sorta owe him and he dreams about fucking you.
      Lilly: You dummy, I meant a girl. I fuck Bob and my punishment is fucking another Bob -- well-- OK. If that's what it will take to keep My Bob out of a messy divorce deposition. And I like your Bob -- win win for me.
      I always fantasized about spit roasting Bible Club Lilly. But it was just a fantasy that I could never ask her to do -- then she blew her boss and got caught.
      At first she was grossed out, naked there we had her on coffee table with a yoga mat -- "lucky for me It's not the backyard picnic table put in the driveway."
      "says the once innocent Bible Club Lilly." I said. She came 5x.

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