An Awakening

I was awakened to the joy of cross dressing. It started in the summer of my 12th year. He was a handsome man who was very patient and loving with me. He taught me how to make love to a cock. He also taught me how to have a cock inside pussy as he called my ass. I would get so hot tasting his juices that I just wanted him to fuck me forever.

1 month ago


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    • Me too...I've been dressing as a girl from 7 on and gradually from just panties to all girl's clothes by 9 years old. Of course the boy's all got a kick out of it and would try to see if I had on panties. Some became more interested and were probably questioning their own sexual feelings at the same time as I. I was changed from a very pretty boy to a girl in the middle of my 9th year by a wonderfully sensitive 15 year old boy. Giving him my boy pussy as he had informed me, that's what it was, part of relationships between boys and girls as he explained while removing my cute fluffed and ruffled Sunday best panties behind the church hidden in the bush's during Sunday school. I accepted his boycocks long and slender teaching experience in a quite wonderful way, I dry orgasmed throughout the experience laying on my tummy so innocent and trusting in his wisdom as he seeded my senses. Sitting in church afterwards experiencing the usual looks of the boy who thinks he's a girl gets I felt peculiar in a wonderful warm wet "Boypussie" way.

    • What a sweet thing are you still getting fucked?

    • That is so hot you sweet thing

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