First peek at IT?

It was simple times. We were naive. I knew what a ”penie” was and “balls” but we had not seen pics or vids. Didn’t have a clue as to what an adult’s actually looked like.
Then one day I caught a peek of one. I was thirteen. I caught a glimpse of it up the leg of a man’s shorts at a picnic.
This is the confusing and embarrassing part. I only saw what I presumed was the end of his penie. It was about the size of a small egg and rounded. The sun light was on his lap so I got an excellent and extended view.
A disgusting yet still somehow exciting sight. I moved away embarrassed and confused. It was so ugly. Not like beautiful tan skin. Quite the opposite. It was sort of translucent. Showing varied shades of pink with veins and......hairs!
For years I thought that was what a dick looked like and I never wanted anything to do with it.
We young girls can be so silly.

1 month ago

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    • The singer Debbie Harry once said that she and her mom were flashed in Time's Square when she was a little girl, and she thought the guy had three dicks because she didn't know anything about balls. It happens.

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