I guess I am just bad

My wife was headed downtown one afternoon, and on the way there is this small building that has a massage spa in a portion of it, the other section is an accountant we use for our taxes.
My bad luck, she spotted my car, (I should know better than to drive a red Camaro) even though I parked it in the rear as far out of sight as I could get.

I suspect she actually drove back there to check, but I am not sure.

Anyway, I was NOT in the accountant's office. At home, there was hell to pay, the place is fairly well known for doing happy endings once they get to know a person, and I had been sneaking in there for months.

A week later, I was thinking it had all blown over, when I got home my wife was dressed to the nine's and informed me she was going out with a couple of her girl friends, and a TV dinner was in the freezer.

OK, she was still pissed off at me so I didn't argue.

At around 3 AM, I heard her stumbling around downstairs, I went down there and found her crashed on our couch, looking like she was put away wet, hair messed up, her blouse buttoned up wrong, good grief.

I got her to the bedroom, and noticed her panties were very damp looking in the crotch, so I checked. Sure enough, someone had dropped a very big load in her. So now I was the one pissed off.

The fight was the next afternoon, at which time she informed me that if she ever caught me again getting some strange, then she was going to do the same thing!

She meant it too, because the next time I was at the massage parlor, I parked right in front, knowing she would be going by since she shops every Saturday.

And sure enough, a week later she went out, came home in similar condition. Now we don't even fight about it, it is just part of our nutty lifestyle. Plus things got better for me, this one little oriental gal is quite a hottie, before it was just hand jobs but now we seriously get it on and even date when we can get away with it.

At this point, the wife and I are pretty close to even and she is turning into quite the little slut, we have sex with each other more often than before.

11 days ago

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