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I use to work as a room made in a hotel, i would knock on a door and say room service, if no reply i entered with my pass key some times i was faced with a naked man wanking some were startled and stop, some kept going, couples having sex occasionally invite me to join in, i did with lesbians for safety.

24 days ago

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    • I call bs on this post but here’s my real experience.
      13 yrs ago I was a 21yr old college student working midnight shift at a small express hotel along I75 in KY. It had two floors, 30 rooms and wasn’t located near a metropolitan area or vacation destination. Most customers were business men traveling alone and driving until they needed to stop for the night. The hotel was ran by a nice Indian couple and they worked day shift. The pay was ok but the hours allowed me to work on my homework and I’d go to school after my shift.
      The franchise was strict with the uniforms but they were provided along with laundry service. My front desk outfit was a female business skirt suit. I describe myself as plain looking with glasses, thin & no luck getting guys my age.
      I was the only staff employee on shift so if anyone called for extra towels or a tooth brush, I delivered. The first time anything happened, was with an attractive man in his mid 40s. He was very nice and gave me a few compliments. He called and asked me help him turn up the temp in the room. I went to his room and he told me the temp is just fine now. We had protected sex and he left me a nice tip.
      After that, I gained confidence and things got easier. I was impressed with how bold and up front guys were when it came to discussing what they wanted.
      Thankfully, I never got caught but I made some quick $ for having protected sex with numerous guests during my 3 year career. It's naughty but I lost count after #20. LOL

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