Family Jewel's

Ive been in a gay relationship for 2 years now. My friends and family are extremely homophobic and I could never bring my self to tell them. They think we're just room mates. we have a pair of female undergarments that we wear for each other. Its great because theyve seen bras and panties in our rooms and think we're fucking girlies. We were chilling and watching movies, I like to lay on his lap, like any cute couple. Sometimes if he's wearing loose shorts I like to reach my hand in there and play with his dick. Then I get horny and most of the time I pull it out and start gobbling it down as we watch TV. Well today my family decided to surprise us and they totally walked in on me gagging as I pushed myself down on his dick and I stuckk out my tongue licking his balls as he shot his load in my mouth. Graphic I know. I stood up as cum and drool ran down my mouth and my eyes were covered in tears. I've never seen such shock and disappointment. They left and haven't talked to me since.

28 days ago

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