Abuse wasn't all that bad

I'm a guy. When I was a kid I was extremely feminine looking. I had long wavy blond hair down to the middle of my back and even if it was short I would still have the face of a pretty girl. I was also very slender.

I was horrible at math. My 7th grade math teacher was a good teacher AND he was gorgeous. He had shoulder length sandy blond hair and was very hunky like the models you see on the covers of romance novels.

You can see where this is going. He had me stay after school second Friday in September and had me sit down next to him at his desk to explain converting fractions to decimals. He smelled so good, intoxicating. He put his arm around me and I leaned into him a bit trying really hard to concentrate. His hand began to wander and next thing I know he's giving me an amazing back, neck and shoulder massage while explaining that people are more receptive to learning when relaxed. I was relaxed everywhere except between the legs.

That's when he asked if I would like him to call my parents to offer private tutoring at his place for free. I must have said yes though I don't remember because next I knew he got on the phone and was calling my parents who shocked me by agreeing to a weekend stay at my math teacher's house for an intense three evening math tutoring session. They packed up my suitcase and dropped it off at school just as the janitors were getting ready to lock up.

On the ride over to his place he slipped his hand into mine and we held hands for the 30 minute drive.

Once we got to his place all pretenses of tutoring disappeared. He offered to give me a naked full body massage and I couldn't rip my clothes off fast enough. He was naked a moment later and that is when I saw the most magnificent erection before or since. It had to be over a foot long. He had me lay down on his bed and he just went at it massaging me everywhere. I was tiny but as hard as he was and I don't think I lost my erection once that weekend.

He taught me everything about gay sex that I wanted to know and a few things I hadn't thought to ask about. Absolutely nothing hurt. Nothing was really forced either though I certainly fantasized but him forcing a lot. I also learned about the practice in ancient Greece of teachers having gay sex with their students which I was glad my math teacher was bringing back.

Surprisingly we actually got some math tutoring in and he turned out to be a really good cook as well. By Monday morning I had fulfilled every gay fantasy I had and enjoyed several I hadn't thought of. I also managed to complete an entire semester worth of math learning which surprised me. The more I was with him the easier it got.

This was not a one time deal. We became lovers. Did he seduce me? Absolutely. But I wanted to be seduced, desperately. Did he use me for his own sexual gratification? Absolutely. But not more than I used him. Was it rape? I guess that depends on how you define the word. I certainly begged him to "rape me harder!" several times.

I got an "A" in 7th grade math of course. I got complete sexual fulfillment and we grew to care about each other. At some point that spring I read an article about how pedophiles will break up with a kid once that kid gets older and stops looking like a kid. I guess I'm kind of lucky in that department. We got married two weeks after my 18th birthday and we just celebrated our fifth anniversary. I'm also in graduate school and you guessed it, I got my degree in math.

2 months ago

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    • Ummmm, yeah, no. Never works out like that and you besmirch true victims with your ficticious crap.

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