Warning to people who find people online to hook up with

Last week my old school friend went to meet a guy that he found on a online dating website . So when he went to the guys house he called the guy and told him that my friend was outside . So the guy told my friend that the door is unlocked to come inside and join him in the bedroom!
So just as my friend walked in the door someone slammed the door behind him and punched him in the back of my head from behind almost knocked him out .

Then 2 guys grabbed him and tied his hands behind his back and pulled him into a room where they stripped him down naked and started to rape him and beat him up really bad!
After they got done with him they put him in the back of their truck and dumped him on the side of the road like a piece w garage just rapped up in a bloody sheet .
He got lucky because someone was passing by at the same time and got the tag numbers off the truck and turned back around and called the police and waited for them to show up. And had him transported to the hospital . My friend was really lucky he had 3 broken ribs and a few cuts and scrapes in his face and a few stitches in his backside from how they raped him .
A few days later the police found the guys who raped my friend and arrested the assholes for rape and attempted mender !
My friend is really lucky that someone was driving by just as they dumped him on the of the road in the middle of the night.
So now the 3 of them are in jail for the assault on my friend plus other pending charges against them. Hopefully when they go to prison they will be able to get the payback that deserve!
Karma can be a real BITCH !!!!

1 month ago

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    • You definitely have to be safe hooking up on line. I agreed to meet up with a guy on line. He told me that he just wanted head. I was 25 years old at the time. Been married for 4 years. She knew that I was bisexual. We had an open marriage. No one knew about our life style. Anyways I went to meet this guy. When he opened the door he was a good looking black guy smiling and I felt comfortable with him. We went into the bedroom he pulled out his cock and I started sucking him off. I was on my knees and I heard the door open and 4 other guys walked in. They beat the shit out of me and raped me for two days. Once they had used me and had enough of me they let me go. When I got home I had black eyes my ass was bleeding I was so sore that I couldn't get out of bed for a week. I couldn't call the cops or tell anyone what happened. Because our family's didn't know anything about our sex life. My wife took care of me. I stayed away from online ads after that. Be careful about who you are hooking up with. I always get to know someone before I have sex with him.

    • I was a naively cute 14 year old boy experimenting with gay sex with other boys when I got hooked up online with a really nice guy, a man who seemed to munderstand all about my tender side. I met with him trying to look the cutest for him, I wanted him to make love to me, not use me like all my boyfriend's did. I had shared pictures of me in both boys and girls underpants cause he liked me on my little sister's panties that's what I had on under his preferred short short cutoffs. The conductor on the commuter train saw um and actually thought I was a girl.... he picked me up at the suburban train station and really liked what he saw. We made out in his car in the train station parking with him kissing me and aggressively fondling I embarrassingly creamed in my pants and started crying because I was so embarrassed. He was delighted and made me show him by pulling down my cutoffs and exposing my little girl's lace satin panties creamed semi transparent my boyishly small penis was visible through them. "Oh God I want to fuck ya!" He said burying his face in my boycumed up panty. "Okay...okay...fuck me...pleeeeze!" I panted enthusiastically. I wanted it, I wanted it with him....
      Instead I got raped live cam by him and a few of his friends. I ended up with chlamydia and gonorrhea...me a cute 14 year old boy with hardly any experience had to get all types of treatment and it was so embarrassing.

    • That has happened before the thieves pretend that they are gay and sucker the victim down and rob then kill them!

    • Bro. I was trying to hookup with a guy. I'll be cautious now

    • Better safe than sorry

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