Doctor Wife

My wife is a Physician, she works crazy hours, sometimes 10 or more at her office and then still has to go see any of her patients that might be in the hospital.
She makes good money, in the $250K range, plus little perks like the drug companies come up with paid vacations and things like that. (Yeah, I know, not supposed to but a lot of them do get perks.)
I met her when I was there for a physical, she checked everything, even down there and the finger up my fanny, and after we chatted way more than might be normal, discovering that we were both single.
I spotted the interest, so a few days later, I called her office and asked her out. That same night at her place, she invited me in for the "nightcap" which we never made it to. Three months later I married her.
I asked her a few times about her work, did she had things like flashers, was there every an "experiences" and she laughed. She told me she could spot what she called "waggers" in seconds, and usually then takes her sweet time checking things, because it's good for business . It seems that about one male patient out of 20 is there for some jollies rather than anything serious.
She also mentioned she actually has a few regulars that pop in for various complaints, with the most common being worried about" Cancer" or for some reason have "performance" issues.
I thought about that, since she had also taken a long time with me and yes, I did partially erect, so I asked.
"You were so cute, and I was having fun!" Is what she told me, word for word.
That plus her bring on the hot side in our bedroom makes me wonder.
Since then, I have been wondering about her and what might be going on in her office since she sees men nude or close to it nearly every day.
I do know about ethics and she would never do anything really to risk her position, but still? She enjoys it? Kind of bothers me I guess.

1 month ago


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    • You're bothered that she is making way more money than you. Also, you must have had bad experiences playing doctor as a child. Your insecurity is pathetic but very laughable.

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