Attempt to help

There seems to be an awful lot of people posting their desire to be spanked on these pages.
This post is a genuine attempt to help.
If you have a regular partner or wife or husband, just ask! They are unlikely to humiliate or embarrass you.
In my experience most will agree to your request.
If they love you, even if they don't get turned on by it, they will almost certainly grant your wish.
If you are a man and a wife or girlfriend asks you, be gentle, don't get carried away. If they ask for you to go a little harder that's great, but start gently.

In my own case I was first spanked in 1978. I had not been spanked in my childhood at all. For some inexplicable reason I was obsessed with the subject.
Spankings took place regularly at other homes, in schools, comics, cartoons even TV programmes! I missed out.

In 1978 I was sixteen. I had left school and worked temporarily in a shop waiting for a start date on a full time job.
I met a girl, fell in love and all was well until one night I asked her for a spanking. She gave me a couple of half hearted smacks and we giggled and kissed. She dumped soon after and broke my heart.
Such is life! It happens to most of us.

At home the following Saturday afternoon instead of being out my mum noticed I looked upset. She asked if we had broken up, I explained what happened including the truth. I believed my spanking request had been the reason.

Mum offered sympathy and told me I'd soon find another girl, none of that helps a broken heart much at that age.

I asked mum how come she never spanked me and the answer was, I was a pretty well behaved child, she had never been given reason to spank me!

Here's my point, and I hope this helps someone.

I asked my mum if she would give me a spanking so it wasn't such a big deal, just for the experience. Then the next time I met a girl maybe I wouldn't screw up.
Mum agreed to my request! She said if I thought it might help she would spank me. We had a pretty close relationship and I could talk to her, that helped. I was honest with her which is important.

I admit it was a bit awkward to start. I asked her to spank me as if I'd done something wrong and either send me to bed or stand me in the corner, to make it feel real.

Mum sat on a chair and I removed my jeans but kept my underwear in place.
Mum then patted her left knee and invited me over. She wiggled my underwear down to the back of my knees and then asked me to pass my hand back.
Mum then took her time getting comfortable and shifted me forward slightly before locking her other leg around mine.
I was then given a hand spanking by mum for around four or five minutes. I have to admit it stung and hurt far more than I expected. I had wet eyes when she finished, and felt like a proper naughty boy standing in the corner of the lounge. Wow that does burn when you can't rub it, trust me!

After ten minutes she asked me if the spanking had satisfied my curiosity. I told her it stung more than I thought it would but felt much better for it. I then thanked her, I also bought her some flowers a day or two later.

The next two girlfriends I had in my life both agreed to my request for a spanking now and then, quite readily.

The third girlfriend is now my wife of twenty two years. She isn't turned on by spanking, but has spanked me for my sexual pleasure for twenty five years. I do for her what she likes, she turns me over her knee and spanks me.

In conclusion, just ask! If you have a regular partner sit them down at a relaxed and appropriate time. Do something nice for them and ask politely if they could do something for you that is important to you. I am prepared to bet nine out of ten requests will be met with a, yes, no problem!

Good luck,

1 month ago

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