Change to our relationship

This past summer with all this pandemic stuff going on we were always home and no where to go my relationship took a turn towards improvement. My fiance and i been together for quite some time. We are both 30 and have a child together. We usually have arguments 2 to 3 times a week. She is beautiful,bright blue eyes, 38dd tits, thick thighs and thick curvy booty. One night we invited friends over for drinks, food and bondfire. We all had a great time. Afterwards after the party it was just my fiance, me and her old school friend Dante who was a black man. We shared a few drinks. My fiance texted me as we are all sitting there and said "i know this will sound odd but im kinda horny and want fuck" i texted back sure. She texted back "ok, just curious what your thoughts on a 3 some with Dante?" I really wasnt into that idea and said no. She kept on insisting and turned into a 20 min long argument over text as we are all sitting there having another unrelated convo. I eventually gave up and said fine.
we brought it up to Dante. He was cool with it. We went to bedroom. We all started getting undressed. Dante drops his pants he had a pretty decent size dick Thicker and bigger than mine erect. I was totally nervous. So we all start doing stuff. Lets say it didnt end well for me. I had so much trouble getting hard for this. So i just kinda stood to the side playing with my limp dick as i watch Dante and my fiance go at it. He had a great shape body, very fit himself , rather good looking. He was doing positions to her that i could never do. She orgasm few times. It was some what of a turn on to me at the end He had her in doggy position i was in front of my fiance as she is sucking on my partially hard dick. I kept my eyes closed as i couldnt bare to look at dante as he had the most intense looks on his face as he was aggressively fucking my fiance doggy style. Dante calls for a different position as my fiance is on her back and dante puts her legs over his shoulders and grabs her hips and starts thrusting. She continues sucking my dick. Dante picked up speed of this thrusts as my fiance had an intense orgasm. Moments later Dante yelled out "shit i cant hold this im going to cum." My fiance quickly replied" cum inside me please." Dante had a really strong intense look on his face as his eyes were shut as he thrusts faster and grunting louder. He goes in my fiancee as deep as he can go and yelled out in pleasure as he shot hard that potent sperm into my fiancee's unprotected womb. FYI My fiancee isnt on any pill or birth control. I step a side and quick jerk off and cum into a waste basket as Dante and my fiance lay on bed kissing passionately.

My fiance gets up to go shower. I get dressed and so does Dante get dressed. We went to the kitchen to get a beer together and chat. He said to me "Thanks bro, that was awesome sex, i actually havent had sex in few months." I told him sure your welcome. Dante then asked me " your girl on pill right?" I said to him she isnt on any pill or type of birth control. Dante with a shocked look on his face and said " well bro if thats the case your girl going to be having a black baby for sure cause that was a few months build up of sperm i just shot in your girl. " i laughed and said i guess we will see. Dante and i finished our beers then he left. I go upstairs to lay in bed as my fiance came out the bathroom and laid in bed next to me. She asked if Dante left and i said yes. I asked her what did you think of tonight. She replied " i liked it, something different" i told her sorry i wasnt more active not sure what was going on with me. She told me it was ok and that she loves me. But i knew i had trouble getting or staying hard as soon as Dante dropped his clothes and had that amazingly fit body. But i was nervous but had to ask the next question. I asked her "why did you ask him to cum in you?" She replied " honestly well i always had a thing for dante in school but we never dated. I always wanted to fuck him and feel his load in me." I was surprised by her answer. But understood. Luckly she didnt get pregnant. And our relationship got better after this day.


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  • I totally would have licked Dante's cum out of her

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