I am not gay

I was married and had 4 daughters. Divorced. I am not gay, but always wanted to suck a dick. I did once after 8 years after divorce. I was so drunk, I barely remember it. Thinking about sucking a dick, makes my dick leak. I do not want kissing or cuddling. Am I weird?

14 days ago

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    • Cum on there has to be some dick 4 me

    • Last 3 coments is me im waiting

    • Somone get back to me,i wanna swallow a big load of cum or 2--3

    • No your not gay . I am though. Would love to meet you . Have some fun . Playing doctor.

    • Cum meat me

    • I wood luv to join you 2 as long as you both have nice dicks dont have to be big but bigger is better full of cum can we work somthing out. where can we meat

    • No, you’re just bi

    • Your in denial asswipe.

    • Your gay, homosexual, poofter, pansy, sissy boy, faggot, queer, cock sucker, sword swallower.

    • Yep you are definitely a sexual deviant . I should know I am one also. I'm an over the road trucker. I have met all types in my travels. I had a 75 year old man meet me on a Walmart parking lot to suck my cock. I wanted ass play but he just wanted to suck my dick. I drive with a nice big butt plug in my ass and sometimes I drive naked. I want a cock in my ass. I still want pussy though. My wife dies 4 years ago but she wasn't fucking me anymore by then. That's why I turned to messing with toys in my ass and letting other men suck my cock. You are like me. I won't kiss or cuddle but you can suck me off.

    • I am the same way I love to have sex with men anal and oral. I just do not like the kissing and cuddling

    • I'm in Odessa, TX

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