Lick me again and again and again (part 1 of 2)

During a girls night out about 10 years ago, a few drinks in and a couple rounds of Truth or Dare, a friend admitted she'd never licked a pussy. Move forward about a year, her husband was being promoted and they were moving back to Oz- we live in the US. He moved immediately and she stayed behind to sell their house and wrap up things.

The weekend before she left, all the ladies gathered for celebrating, tears and wine. The night wound down, most of the ladies left and a couple passed out in the guest bedrooms. Maureen and I stayed up longer until we finished the last bottle of wine. I was going to sleep in the family room but she said that was silly and we went to her bedroom.

I hadn't planned to stay so I borrowed an oversized button-down Oxford shirt she was using to sleep in and work around the house. When I came out of the bathroom she had already changed and handed me a shirt to wear. She watched me undress and when I was putting on the shirt she remarked about my "amazing breasts!" They're not that amazing they’re just a lot larger than hers.

All the wine and emotions about her moving started us both bawling our eyes out and we held each other in a tight bear hug. We loosened our grip a little as we rocked back and forth talking about how much we'd miss one another and the good times we had all shared.

She lifted her head and it almost started to feel awkward, our faces just a few inches apart. She leaned in and planted an innocent kiss on my cheek near my lips. Still holding each other she kissed me again on my lips. I have never been attracted to women in a sexual way but it felt natural to relax my lips and let them open as the kisses became more intense until they were full on passionate kisses with her slipping her tongue in my mouth. I remember feeling that tingly nervous excitement that comes with holding someone new and I'm sure the wine helped loosen inhibitions.

My memory of this is etched in my mind and I remember it as if it was yesterday, having replayed it in my head during many a masturbation session. My nipples were responding to her boobs against mine and the sensation that came with each kiss went to my clit as well. I was definitely feeling like I could go further but I still couldn't quite initiate anything myself, I was only responding to her advances.

She easily took the lead and her hand moved up to my breast and it felt normal when she opened the shirt to fondle my bare breast, squeezing my nipple between her fingers. I couldn't believe how aroused I felt but I also realized how long it had been since feeling this sort of arousal. I'd been married for a while and the days of this kind of new, spontaneous passion were few and far between.

Maureen leaned back a little, looking into my eyes, trying to read me but I kind of stood frozen in place. Not trying to get away but not ready to make any advances myself. Still watching me, she brought up her other hand, holding both breasts now and rubbing her thumbs over my nipples that hardened even more. She kissed me again slowly fondling my tits, then kissed her way down to my nipple and began flicking her tongue across it before sucking it into her mouth. I thought I'd melt right there. After a few moments she looked up to assess my expression. Again, I wasn't really sure how to respond other than what my body did on its own.

I looked at her hands fondling me and she began pinching and pulling my nipples, then rubbing her nipples against mine. Her cute little tits were responding as much as mine and I brought my hands up to touch them not really knowing quite what to do. Maureen took my hands and, moving them back down by my sides, told me not to do anything, she knew that wasn't my thing but could she do what she wanted to me. A sense of relief washed over me and she went on to say that she didn't want anything herself other than to experience the things she'd fantasized about. I smiled and said yes, she should continue.

That communication freed both of us up to just act in a natural way, removing inhibitions and taking away expectations or pressure. I could just relax and enjoy without feeling selfish or forcing an uncomfortable reciprocation and she could just do as she wanted, having received my permission.

We moved to the bed and made small talk about how much she'd miss our ladies group. She was happy about moving back home after so many years but sad at losing the friendships that had blossomed. As we spoke her hands and fingers moved over my tits, played with my nipples and slid down to stroke my pussy lips, sliding a finger inside my vag as she flicked my clit with another. All conversation stopped as I quickly felt an orgasm building, the first of many.

Maureen got up and moved to kneel between my legs, leaning over, kissing me as she squeezed my boobs and twisted and pulled my nipples. Moving down my body, she pulled my nipples one at a time into her mouth, sucking gently then harder while holding my breasts in her hands. My nipples are very responsive and I felt another wave of orgasm coming over me.

Once again she moved a hand down to my pussy and started applying pressure and rubbing my clit, soon I was cumming again. She laughed and said the moment she's been waiting for is finally here, I can't wait to taste you. She moved down and spread my thighs open. I could feel the warmth and her breath as she held her lips to my lips. It felt like forever and I began to arch my back and involuntarily move my pussy closer to her mouth. She said something about how obvious it was that I wanted this and started to run her tongue along my labia. Sucking my lips between hers, she ran her tongue over my clit and licked and sucked my pussy like she'd been doing it for years. I have no idea how many times she made me cum but she was just starting.

Maureen continued to suck on my clit as she slipped one then two fingers into my vagina, slowly at first then fucking me harder and faster until I was cumming again. She licked my entire pussy slipping her tongue inside and tickling my clit as she lapped up my wetness. I suddenly realized I was holding her head and pressing her hard against my pussy and released my grip as we both laughed. During this time she had moved and was kneeling by my side, running her fingers over my hips and between my thighs. I tapped her on the hip and told her to turn around.

She hesitated and asked if I was sure then moved to straddle my head. With her pussy inches above me she asked again and I said yes and pulled her down to my mouth. The smell and taste was familiar having tasted my own but I admit I wasn't really aroused by what I was doing and found myself torn between staying focused on licking her pussy while being distracted as she started stroking my pussy again. I stayed on task, imitating what I knew I enjoyed having done to myself, but I wasn't feeling very enthusiastic.

At some point we both were having the same feelings. I was hoping she was enjoying what I was doing but I started to feel the pressure of obligation, doing what I thought I needed to do rather than responding naturally. At the same time, she moved away and said she just couldn't concentrate on what she was doing to me while I was eating her pussy. Again we laughed and she moved back between my legs.

This time she pushed my legs up and wide apart, lifting my butt off the bed and putting her an arm underneath to better position my pussy nearer to her mouth. Spreading me as wide open as she could she started sucking my clit into her mouth and I felt her finger running along my labia before slipping inside my vagina and slowly finger fucking me. I was once again lost in the sensations.

It definitely caught my attention when I felt a finger moving down and pressure against butthole. I didn't have much experience with anal play but with her not having a dick, I didn't worry about what this action could lead to and just went with the flow. Relaxing into it I was definitely responding to her mouth on my pussy as she circled and tickled my asshole with her fingertip, occasionally stopping to press harder against it. The more she did this I found myself trying to push my ass against her finger. She moved her finger away and I felt her tongue move down to replace it. She flicked her tongue around my butthole and grabbed my ass cheeks, squeezing them and spreading them far apart. Then she moved away and told me to flip over.

Without hesitation I turned on my stomach while she repositioned herself and without her saying a word I moved closer to the edge of the bed, arched my back and lifted my butt high in the air. Maureen ran her fingers along my pussy before settling into sucking my clit and licking my vagina. She slid her tongue up and ran it lightly around my butthole then stopped and moved away. She tickled my asshole with her finger and said that she'd never done this before so if there was anything painful or I didn't like or want to do, just say so. She asked if that was okay and I anxiously told her yes!

She sucked my pussy lips and clit again, then started licking my butthole harder, running her tongue around my tight anus before pressing the flat of her tongue hard against the entrance. I was super aroused and was pushing back against her mouth. She was rubbing my clit harder, as she pushed the tip of her tongue against my asshole trying to penetrate my virgin butt. I felt a million sensations like never before and knew a strong orgasm was coming.

My climax began at the same moment my asshole relaxed a little and her tongue.... (continued in part 2)

10 months ago

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