Birthday Present

Growing up one of my closest friends was a boy, Lee. We met in primary school and used to hang around together, and being too young for romance we were just good friends. There was some "you show me yours and I'll show you mine" but that's as far as it went.

When we went to secondary school (aged 11) we drifted apart and I soon discovered boys in a sexual way. I had never thought of Lee in that way so I didn't realise for a while that he was jealous and resentful that he wasn't my first.

One of my friends told me that Lee was crushed that I had ignored him since I started having sex with other boys and I decided I should be a true friend and make it up to him.

So for his next birthday I went to his house when I knew his parents would be out. We hung out in his room like we used to and it was a bit awkward but we were soon chatting away and laughing again like we did when we were younger.

After a while, I excused myself and said I needed to go and get his birthday present. He didn't twig when I went into the bathroom, but when I came back into his room just in my underwear I think he realised what was going on.

"I want to give you something very special for your birthday." I said, and kissed him for the first time. We had never kissed before and I'm pretty sure that was his first proper kiss. I let his hands explore my body and pretty soon he had managed to take my bra off and was squeezing my small, firm breasts.

I unzipped his pants and motioned for him to undress. I saw his cock erect for the first time and I felt excited to be doing this with a friend - a new experience for me.

I lay back on his bed and pulled him close, kissing him passionately as he entered me. We spent the rest of the afternoon having sex - my birthday present to him.

Afterwards I made him promise to not tell anyone as I didn't want my boyfriend to find out. He agreed and as far as I know he never told anyone about what became an annual event, hooking up every year around his birthday for hot no-strings sex. We carried on for years, even after he moved away to university. We only stopped when he got married.

We keep in touch but haven't had sex for over five years now. Maybe one day he will cheat on his wife for old time's sake and I can give him a special birthday treat once again.

1 month ago

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    • You are very sweet and I hope he knows how lucky he is to have such a good friend. Here’s hoping for a birthday surprises sometime in the future.

    • Aww thanks! I would love to sleep with him again but I respect his decision not to cheat. I keep hoping though!

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