Titless But Has Big Bush

I recently is having sex with my horny 42 yr. aunt. She's doing this behind her husband Joe. She wants to be my MILF. She isn't happy with her A cup tits and her husband won't pay for a tit job. She has let her bush over grow her groin area to get attention from guys since she has no breasts. Well she gotten me, her horny nephew, addicted to that bush.
We were using grandma's pool. My aunt's cunt hairs was really sticking out from her bikini bottoms. I had to get into the pool so others won't see my bulge. My aunt joined me in the pool. As she stepped near me she spotted my dick poking out of my trunks. She whispered to me, "Nice, we need to play!"
I didn't know she was using the bathroom to change. I had the same idea, She was rubbing that hairy bush with the towel and smiled. "Your turn." she said as she handed me the towel and said, "I think you have a nice package and you need to please me." She rubbed my privates as she left the bathroom.
The picture of her dark hairy groin stood in my head for days and her invitation sounded to good to be real. I decided to test her. Knowing my aunt would be alone I went over to see if she really meant what she said. "Come to please me hun?" as she grabbed my privates. "I wanted to see if you really was a horny MILF, show me that bush!" I ordered her. She smiled and gave me a clear shot of it of it on the couch. "Eat me!" she said. I began to eat her and it made her pinch and play with her nips. She held her legs and said, "Do your aunt if she was a slut." Her bush felt great against me, she really pressed into me. I satisfied her.
She handed me Joe's beer and we gotten in a serious conversation.. She wanted me to shave my privates so she wouldn't have hairs in her mouth when she gives me blow jobs and for me to cum onto her bush so she can rub her fingers in my cum.
We began sending sex text to each other about that bush. I tell her my dick enjoys it and misses it. She tells me that she misses me pleasing her.


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  • I like tits that are at least a B cup, but exceptions can be made.

  • Fuck you and you fake incest crap.

  • Nothing wrong with small breasts. Big hairy bush, though, is not my preference. I came of age in the early 80's, when having a shaved pussy was unheard of. During the 90's when women first started shaving, I fell in love with the clean shaven pussy and can't stand a hairy bush anymore. Just my preference though, if you like a big bush, enjoy. There's probably a few of them left.

  • Come on! No more stupid incest.

  • No, keep them coming!!

  • Jesus, bushes should be trimmed, and sex with an aunt is for the criminally insane. Barf.

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