Cheated on my cheating boyfriend with black guy

All names will be change for anonymity.

I found out Billy, my boyfriend of two and a half years had been cheating on me like ALOT. Apparently he had been slinging it all around and it finally got back to me. But sadly the apartment was in his name so I would need to find somewhere else to live.

Well my boyfriend is a semi closet racist. We had gotten over a black guy(We will call him Zack ) having my neighbor but it was a guy from work. I have everyone from works number. But I can't say he wasn't cute. And he wad flirty as hell. But I was faithful. At least until I found out about my boyfriend.

I went to work and happened to be working with Zack that night and he let me vent. He was understanding and we ended up staying in the store late just talking. When I got home Billy was mad at me. I hadn't text him back all day. And he was "worried" about me. I said Zack and I got busy late at work and had to stay to close and clean up. When he said something of being stuck in there with that fucking -bad word- . I wanted to explode but just went to bed and slammed the door as he tried to play the "I'm just joking card "

Next day I got to work with Zack again and I told him what my boyfriend said. After close I told him I didn't want to go home so he invited me over. We crashed on his couch. We smoked a little weed. I hadn't smoked since getting with my boyfriend. And one thing lead to another. We went from venting to kissing to sucking then eventually fucking.

I told Billy I was crashing at a friends and was drinking. He didn't even text me back. I stayed and Zack and I fucked again. It was fantastic. I went home that day happier than I had in a while. When I got home my boyfriend was all over me I told him I was hung over and needed a shower but he wouldn't stop so I said fuck it and let him get Zack's sloppy seconds and have a good times before leaving him.

The truth came out a bit faster when I came home early and he was literally fucking a girl on our couch. I just told him I knew. I had been fucking a black guy behind his back since I've known and may have exagerrate a bit but went on about how amazing it is and how much bigger he was. But the better at sex part was true. And how he was getting his sloppy seconds everytime we had had sex lately.

I gathered up my shit and was gone. Zack let me move in with him for a bit but I found my own place not long after. But Zack and I stayed FWB for a while. My ex got like two of the girls he was fucking knocked up and had to pay child support on then.

TLDR- Racist boyfriend cheated on me. I cheated on him with a black guy.

11 months ago

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    • Your bf is a douche and Zach seems to be a good guy.

      Sounds like you won out totally.

    • Shit happens

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