I have a friend who would not give me her panties and I asked her why she said that I should go buy my own and I said I really wanted her underwear and a one piece bathing suits and she could take pictures of me naked and masturbating in her underwear and I will get a bottle of nair and baby oil for her to rub it on my whole body to get all the hair off and then have a good time with me soap my body and let me pour oil over my body and put her nylons and her tight panties and bra with her heels and her in panties and bra and then she gets to video me walking around her house and then we get a dress on and we go to the store and go to the ladies underwear isle for a picture of me with your favorite clothes on. If you don't want to see if you like me to go down on your pussy and get a woman to put a dick in my hand to make me kiss it in public and then you push my face down to his balls to get his nut in my mouth and I have to get him to wear her underwear and fuck my asshole and then he can do it to me as you are there for pictures of 2 guys fucken each other in the mouth and the assholes and squirt cum on you and her asshole so I can get to clean it up and down ass cracks and around your asshole with her trying to get her whole arm in my asshole.

11 months ago

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    • No man. Woman.

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