My divorce brought me the best woman of my life

I was dating this woman in college but she was given an opportunity to good to pass up for another university, no way I could afford to do with her overseas to Europe so I told her to go. No social media at the time and things just faded with holiday and birthday cards being the communication. I married and I did not know it but she did also then about twelve years later I got divorced and her marriage had only lasted like five years. She had moved back to the US but never contacted me because I was married. I think it was about seven or so months after my divorce I get this call from a number I did not recognize and let it go to voicemail. She had been in contact with a mutual friend and heard of my divorce and wanted to get together again to see if we still had a connection. The first time we met back up I flew to where she was living and in just hours after talking and having some dinner we were naked in her bedroom making love like we were still back in college. We married a year later and I moved out to where she lived because her job was not easily transferable and mine was so I not only came out ahead job wise I also had the best woman of my life.

11 months ago

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    • That is a beautiful story. Congratulations.

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