Shup up, you're a conspiracy theorist lol

George W Bush is now on his knees slobbering on the left's dick, bashing Trump, literally comparing Trump voters to the 9/11 terrorists. The left, the people who claimed W stole the election and was an illegitimate president, the people who constantly referred to Bush as Hitler, those people now support him. Think the Deep State doesn't exist? lol

1 day ago

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    • When are people going to realize the party lines have flipped. People who were honest Democrats 50 years ago would be Republicans today, and crooks have either stayed Democrats or turned Democrats. Anyone who actually pays attention to what the parties support, can understand that and flipped sides. The rest are just blind followers.

    • Fuck Trump, I hope the police and National Guard open up on them Sept 18 in DC and slaughter those pigs. If not I’ll get some of them myself. I’ll post an ad posing as a woman, and when they show up…they gonna get cut.

    • Awwww who's a big strong maaaaaan? You are! Goo boy!!!!

    • How about its a fact jack

    • LOL ! The most honest thing about this is that it's in Embarrassing Confessions !

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