About 2 years ago I started working in a new company. I was introduced to the team and got assigned a desk, a pretty good seat in a corner next to a window. All normal stuff but during the introductions as the boss and I went through everyone in the team and I got closer to the end of the room where my desk was and the last people I was being introduced to, there she was ... C. I'll call her C here I suppose. C was sitting at the desk next to mine, and C was beautiful and hot, to the point of it being distracting. Not only that, but she also used this special ergonomic chair and sometimes wore those tight pants that just made me stare at her ass. I mentioned this to a friend and she said "well just go for it" but as she was my colleague, and I was married (open relationship) and I didn't think she would be interested at all. Worse still, if she got offended I could lose my job after a complaint. We did get on quite well with each other, she was easy to talk to and we even chatted a bit on the phone outside of work. Regular stuff though, nothing naughty at all.

Fast forward almost a year after I moved to a different position in the company, so I had left the team but was still in the building. She and I had always said we should go out for a drink, and at one point I think it was me who reminded her of that and we set it up. Just a short after work drink, nothing special. Honestly I expected a 1 to 1,5 chat about work and general life over a drink or 2 and then to go home. But that drink turned out to change everything.

It started off normal enough though. I was sitting in the bar already and just after a short wait she came in too, looking great as ever. As expected, we talked about our general lives and backgrounds which was easy to talk about as I'm not native to the country I live in, I moved here several years ago. She's local. So differences in culture and backgrounds etc came up. Then at some point Tinder came up, I don't even remember how. But I remember she said she didn't have it and I told her I did. That line changed everything. As she knew I was married, she immediately, without pause, launched the question "so you have an open relationship then?". I didn't expect that at all. It's something my wife and I don't tell other people in general, almost nobody knows as it's still something people judge you on. But I decided to confide in my colleague that yes, we do have an open relationship. This set her off to confide in me that she had been thinking about an open relationship for some time as her needs weren't being met at home. She tried to tell her boyfriend about it but it hadn't really been working. From that point the conversation was about open relationships and sex in general.

I guess you know where this is heading ... at first I didn't suggest her that we should hook up. I just gave her general open relationship advice and tips how to talk about it with her boyfriend etc. Our chats got more flirty, both at work and on the phone. It didn't take too long though for me to think that I should try and go for it myself. We talked about it and sure enough, after a bit we gave it a try. A bit awkward at first, but we steadily progressed from kissing to everything else. We sometimes meet at work in a quiet place, trying not to get caught by colleagues. I know it's cliche ... office romance. But it's exciting.

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  • As long as you don't work in the same department with the same boss, I'd say it's fine. I work at a company that has 2400 employees in three nearby buildings, and I know many people who are married to people who work in other parts of the company--and met by flirting at work. My question for you is this: would you leave your wife for her, if she demanded more comittment?

  • Hi, to answer your question, no I wouldn't. She knows that as I have told her as much. I've been pretty straight forward about how I see things and so far that seems to work out. My wife and I have a sort of open relationship, meaning that she knows of my sexual desires that she is not willing to fulfill but gives me the opportunities to do so with others. I have told her about this colleague and though I haven't told her everything we have done yet, I do intend to. She already knows where this is heading so no need to hide it. And that's also one of the reasons why I wouldn't leave my wife. Like everyone, we have our issues. But we can always work them out and she gives me this fantastic freedom.

  • Never shit where you eat, it can turn out bad

  • I know, and she knows too. Especially if other people in the company find out. The gossip and rumor mill will start working immediately. But we can't keep our hands off each other and aside from that we are also becoming very good friends as we seem to have a lot in common. It's all just a lot of fun. But yes there is that danger of course. I can't say you're wrong.

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