Mom FEMINIZED me to get her way.

My mother told me she was disappointed that she didn't have a daughter. Not wanting to make her unhappy I tried my best to be the girl mom always wanted.

I went to cosmetics school to learn how to apply makeup and do hair. I always had a knack for it because mom had me show me exactly how to do feminine things. I learned how to wax mother's legs and she insisted I let her remove all my body hair to feel more like a girl was supposed to feel. I didn't have much hair anyway so it didn't really matter. As I got older I had issues with puberty settings in though. At 14 I started growing facial hair. Mom disapproved and electrolysis was done on my beard. Laser hair removal was completed and mother and I were delighted with the outcome. As I matured my nocturnal emissions were more frequent and mom disapproved of the stained sheets. Also, I frequently woke up with. "morning wood" or unintended erectile functions. Waking up in the morning mom noticed my u sheets and also caught me y with uu. Angered she chastised me and would slap me until flaccid. It hurt be mom said good girls don't do that. I couldn't help it though and eventually mother would assist me in releasing my pent up bodily fluids that accumulated over time. I wasn't allowed to touch myself so mother affectionately wou gloves and use a nice fragrant moisturizer on my naughty little thingy as she called it until I had needed relief. I began to look forward to mother's attention and told her "mother I need you now" when the build up got excessive. "Mommy understands" she would say with a smile. I was getting to the age when males started noticing girls. Even I was made to wear panties and besides underneath my pants I still got unintended tented panties and pantyhose during the day. Mom was busy sometimes and would forget to reduce the frequency of my erectile functions. I sometimes was forced in secret to disobey mommies instructions not to "disrespect my body". I was in a delemna. Anbesides, eedssilky panties and pantyhose would rub against my little thingy creating a hr feeling worsening my situation. I found something belonging to my mother that helped quickly. Mom had a device she sometimes used at night that helped relieve her built up stress brought them tension. It curiously my nose similar to a man's phallus and had several degrees of speed to facilitate mother's needed satisfaction. I would watch mom through the door that was ajar. She would make funny sounds and moan and cry sometimes at the end of her experience. I couldn't help but notice mom's panties afterwards were wet . I found them to my nose and inhaled.

11 months ago

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